Nexus 8 design by HTC, not Asus

By Alan Ng - Apr 23, 2014

Summer is approaching but unfortunately Google has yet to publicly confirm or deny constant rumors regarding Nexus 10 and Nexus 8 release dates in 2014. This week, we have heard some new whispers on the Nexus 8 specifically, related to the design of the tablet and who is odds on to build it.

Many of you may have an Nexus 7 in your home now, a tablet that is still one of the best Android tablets that money can buy. Asus built the device in partnership with Google, but we understand that this partnership may be coming to an end with Google’s upcoming plan to attack with new Nexus devices in 2014.

A new report from Asia has suggested that Google will turn to HTC to build and design the Nexus 8, with the final tablet featuring a display that is 8.9-inches in size – matching previous speculation that an Nexus 8.9 tablet was a ‘real’ device.

If you have been keeping an eye on Nexus development, you have probably already heard along the way that HTC could be coming back on board the Nexus bandwagon. What you may not have heard though is new information suggesting that Google actually wanted HTC to build the Nexus 1, not Asus.

HTC the lead contender now?

HTC the lead contender now?

In the end, HTC apparently declined this offer as HTC wanted to focus on their own smartphone expansion efforts and the partnership was made with Asus. It obviously didn’t turn out to be a bad move, as the Nexus 7 first-gen and the Nexus 7 2013 are still fantastic tablets and fully worth their asking prices.

It does make you wonder though ‘what if’ in terms of if HTC built the first two tablets instead. As we await official Nexus 8 news from Google, let us know your thoughts on HTC leading the race so far to design the Nexus 8.9-tablet.

Is this an outcome that you have always hoped for, or would you like to perhaps see a Samsung-built Nexus tablet instead?

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  • Doug

    I had a TERRIBLE time with the Nexus 7 second gen. It’s a nice tablet as far as the specs and speed go, but it was riddled with bugs, including constantly turning of and on by itself, as well as multiple problems with the screen where it would freeze, or register touches that I never did. Playing games on it was nearly impossible because of this. I RMA’d three of these things, they all have the same issues. I’d never buy another Asus product again, and I’m hesitant to buy a Google product as they basically pretended they didn’t know any of these bugs despite the fact there are 15,000 forum threads about exactly the same issues.

  • Inception

    I have always held off buying a Nexus tablet until the day HTC finally get the chance. If they are to make the next Nexus, I’m all over it! I just wish it would be a 10inch. As much as I love ASUS for their motherboards and laptops and other pc components, they make crappy tablets. Take the TF300/700 for example. nicely built but extremely poor performance that even a custom Rom has a hard time overcoming.

    In ways I am glad that the Google ASUS relationship might be over. It will give ASUS time to keep up the good work on the products they are renowned for.

    HTC Nexus, being it on! I want!