Killer Instinct Season 2 with Aria, Ultratech

By Alan Ng - Apr 23, 2014

We have information for Killer Instinct fans now, with regards to the upcoming release of Killer Instinct Season 2. The new content will add more players to the game, one of which could be the unveil of secret Killer Instinct character Aria.

If you loved the original game on SNES, you are going to love Season 2 as well, since we can confirm that it will come with one major addition – Killer Instinct No Mercy finishers on Xbox One.

This has been confirmed for the game from Season 2 onwards and we can already show you one No Mercy move below, with the secret Killer Instinct Shadow Jago boss gameplay that we have picked out for you.

Watch the video and you’ll see how good this version of Jago is. So good, that it actually takes the player a few attempts before managing to defeat the boss. Once finally defeated, you’ll be able to watch the Killer Instinct secret ending which confirms the existence of Aria as well as Ultratech.

Ultratech if you may remember is the corporation that started the first Killer Instinct tournament in the original game, so it’s interesting to see that the developers Iron Galaxy (who are taking over from Double Helix Games for Season 2) are going back to the original plot roots from the SNES classic.

If you have been playing the game and have seen the Aria cutscene, let us know your thoughts on her potential moveset and story. Some rumors have suggested that Aria could be related in some way to Cinder – what are your thoughts on this?

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  • Deimondevil

    waiting for my all time fav: CINDER

  • Aviator105

    I’m pretty sure she’s going to be a telekinetic fighter. Using moves like Rose’s (from street fighter 4) grab where she doesn’t actually touch you and a style like Kenshi (from mortal kombat) where she’s not physically touching you but using some kind of unseen force. Ermac from Mortal Kombat is another example of what I mean with his green aura moves that lift other characters and manipulate them.

  • Ykshadow

    I think aria should be a mix of everyone for potential big combos, and mix ups but in addition to that have low vitality since she has a lot of options

  • WarGod4Ever

    aria should not be like cinder she should be more like a glacius and cinder with sadira mix into her giving her are relentless options and abilities to be super cheap or scratch cinder and have a little spinal in her with the teleporting but deffs need to be something that double helix their own taste btw cant wait for TJ COMBO he better be big fast and beefy and strong as hell =] fav character