GTA V High Life update silence

It is now approaching the end of another week and many GTA V players are surprised that Rockstar has not released the highly anticipated GTA V 1.13 update, or the GTA V High Life update. We’re guessing that Rockstar are putting the final touches on the next patch, but still there has been complete silence regarding the update and users have started to become itchy.

As most of you know, the GTA V High Life update release date is part of three major updates to GTA V for Spring 2014. The first was the Capture Creator for Jobs which we have already had, while the last should be the long awaited GTA V Heists update which Rockstar has finally committed to releasing in Spring.

Most had expected the High Life update to land this week, but unfortunately it hasn’t happened. Not for the first time, Rockstar has instead focused their attention on Jobs, giving another selection of user created Jobs the official Rockstar verified status.

Many fans have since taken to Twitter to question why the High Life update still isn’t out, considering that it has now been two weeks since the first GTA V Spring update.

It would have been a nice Easter present as one user points out above, but then again there is no harm in waiting a little longer for such a major update. Don’t forget that Rockstar are bringing three new cars to the game, as well as the ability to own two apartments at the same time – which means two garage ownership as well, a massive request granted at last.

How are you getting on with GTA V at the moment? Do you admit to being frustrated that the GTA V 1.13 patch and GTA V High Life updates have gone missing this week?

For those wondering, the rather awesome image above comes courtesy of the Nomad Union GTA V crew, who have recently uploaded a montage of their death denying motorbike stunts. If you are interested in seeing more, you can check out the video here.



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