Call of Duty 2014 graphics silence doubters

We knew that a Call of Duty 2014 game announcement was coming sooner rather than later and now it looks like we could be very close. The first COD 2014 graphics tease has been shown, with Sledgehammer Games confirming that Sgt.Foley will be in the game, the same character that featured in MW2.

We know that a Black Ops 3 release date in 2014 isn’t happening, with Sledgehammer Games instead filling the void and developing this year’s Call of Duty game. We’ve been starved for information on the title as of yet, but now something exciting has turned up in the form of the game’s first official image.

Take a look at it above in close detail, you have to say that those graphics are looking very impressive indeed – especially compared to COD Ghosts from Infinity Ward. The key factor to take into account here is that Sledgehammer Games have revealed that this is in-game graphics we are looking at – not a cutscene.

Remember that Call of Duty 2014 is also being targeted for next-gen platforms and PC, which means that we may not see Xbox 360 and PS3 versions – an end of an era for some of you and perhaps the ideal time to contemplate an upgrade.

You have to be impressed with this, surely?
You have to be impressed with this, surely? Image courtesy of IGN

Now, study that image of Sgt. Foley again by taking a look at the same character with the MW2 engine. Bearing in mind that MW2 was a game that released in 2009 – it’s remarkable to see what differences have been made with technology in the space of five years.

There were doubts that Sledgehammer Games may not be able to handle the pressure of filling the Black Ops 3 2014 void. However, most will agree that this screenshot looks rather good and it provides hope that Sledgehammer will deliver an excellent game whilst silencing the doubters in the process.

There’s also whispers that this could still turn out to be Modern Warfare 4, especially now that we know Sgt. Foley is involved in the game’s story in some capacity.

As we await further news on the game, give us your reaction to the graphics quality shown in the image. Could Call of Duty win back your love, or are you still unimpressed?



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