Xbox One Windows 8 secrets

By Alan Ng - Apr 22, 2014

If you were still curious as to how the Xbox One operating system truly handles itself under the hood, we have some very interesting details to share. We previously knew that the Xbox One OS featured similarities with Windows 8, but now we find out just how close that similarity really is.

You may not realize, but Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox One console and Windows 8 share closer traits than you may think. A new analysis has been completed and revealed that Xbox One is split up between three operating systems.

This part you may already know, but what is new is that the Xbox One has the ability to run a carbon copy of Windows 8 just as you see on PC – meaning that what runs on Xbox One can essentially run on Windows 8 too, ie Xbox One games and apps.

This revelation has been detailed by the guys over at WCCFTech, who confirm the three part OS of the Xbox One in more detail. Along with the fact that the Xbox One runs on a full version of Windows 8, we also hear additional information on how the Xbox One can run a ‘stripped down’ version of Windows 8 as well.

It’s intriguing stuff indeed and we suggest you check out the full analysis in the link above. This of course could have interesting implications if we reach a point down the line where users manage to open up the Xbox One OS completely and find out for themselves that their Xbox One games are fully playable on PC.

The real conclusion to take away here from the analysis is as follows:

“Because if you run a game or an app on the Xbox One, it will either run in the full Windows 8 or the stripped down version of Windows 8. Either way it runs on Windows 8”

Now you know why Microsoft has been very quiet on what exactly makes the Xbox One tick inside, on top of the hardware specs that we already know about. Give us your reaction to the news and what you think the implications of this could be.

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  • Marcus

    On the Xbox One, games runs on the exclusive partition, that shares not much more than a kernel with Windows 8. This customized OS does not even have a GUI. The games running on it will expect to be able to use things that are exclusive to Xbox One, such as Move Engines, Tensilica cores and the GPU Display Planes composer. All those proprietary hardware would have to be emulated to make an Xbox One game run on a stock Windows 8. I don´t think that it would be an easy task to emulate a custom GPU and a bunch of specialized ARM cores, while maintaining an usable frame rate. Maybe a few years from now…

  • psycho

    Well now aint that interesting, Xbox one emu shouldn’t be too far behind

  • It means…I won’t have to buy an XBox One possibly. I’ll just wait for folk to hack the OS and install it on my gaming PC instead. XBox One emulator – Here I come…