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Uncharted 4 gameplay to quench thirst

It was at E3 2012 that we were treated to a gameplay demo of The Last of Us, which means Naughty Dog likes to use one of the biggest gaming events to tease fans with new game material. And so, it is for this very reason why an old rumor has gained traction in regard to Uncharted 4 gameplay making its way to E3 2014.

According to a source close to the game, Naughty Dog looks set to debut Uncharted 4 gameplay footage on the PS4 during the E3 gaming event this year. As ever, we ask that you take this for what it is, but we would like to point you in the direction of the original tweet.

It’s hard to tell how much truth there is to this tweet, although there is no reason to doubt it either, seeing as though we were teased with an Uncharted trailer towards the end of last year, which was pretty much what happened with The Last of Us at the Spike Awards in December 2011, and in June the following year more details were revealed.

Uncharted 4 gameplay would certainly quench the thirst of fans waiting for its eventual release, which many of you now believe to be later this year rather than 2015.

There are some gamers complaining that the slow drip of information is the wrong way to create hype, but Rockstar never got that memo, and look at the success they have had with GTA V.

Given that the new Uncharted game will be released on the PS4, there is no doubt its graphics potential will be amazing, although there is a fear that its storyline could be a little weak the fourth time around.

Will Sony take this as an opportunity to soften the blow with the delay of Driveclub – With several rumors now suggesting that Driveclub will not be released until September, some gamers believe that releasing Uncharted 4 gameplay will help to soften the blow, but what do you think?



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