PSN login issues follow upkeep

- Apr 22, 2014

There seems to be a number of gamers having PSN login issues after Sony performed a planned maintenance yesterday, which should have ended by now but the reports we’re getting conflict with that assumption. In the last hour we’ve been contacted by a number of our readers, and they wonder why they are getting login problems with the PlayStation Network on PS3 and PS4.

In fact, this is exactly what a few of Product Reviews readers had to say “Why is my PSN not working after it should be back by now”, “Just got my PS4 and as I wake up from a day off without gaming, I discover the PSN login issues remain”. Some people even claim that millions must be experiencing the same problems considering everyone they phone hasn’t been able to login to PSN.

I personally tried to login via our review PS4 and PS3, but sadly neither logs into PSN with a UK IP address. We phoned a work partner based in California and they couldn’t get online with a Sony console.

Do you have PSN login issues today? If so, we would love to hear your location and how long the service has been down for you.

PSN login issues hit PS4

You can read about the planned maintenance in an article from yesterday, but this should have ended a number of hours ago. It is true that many gamers couldn’t get online with their favorite games like Call of Duty: Ghosts, but error codes and messages stating the Sony Entertainment Network is busy were due to maintenance. Today, this shouldn’t be the case if everything went well.

Update: We just received feedback on Twitter and via email claiming people “Can’t log in to PSN” not in just select locations, but in fact from all areas of the world, so if you can get online then we would love to know your location as well.

Update 2: One PS3 user just contacted Sony’s live help and they explain that the current problems are due to the servers still being “in maintenance”, and when asked that it should be back by now they replied “It will be back up today”. We also hear some customers are “meeting at noon at the NYC headquarters”.

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  • resident goon

    For three days I’ve been unable to stay logged in to psn, playstation store or music unlimited for more than 2 minutes.

    Hope its something Sony put right soon. That said, I don’t think it warrants a lynch mob.

  • Just want to watch Netflix

    My problem started with the wifi then led into the PSN login issue. I restored my system think it was something else. Does Sony have a work around?

  • Rahh

    I have had issues for weeks on the PS4 ( Mainly while using wifi) even with a strong signal I cannot stay connected to Battlefield. When I run a test it continually fails at PSN sign it, also sometimes at internet connection (even though its fine)and when I do connect it does not seem to acknowledge this outside of the connectivity test( Run a game and it will show up as offline even though the test just said its connected) I do not have this problem with PS3 or ANY other computers or gaming systems. I have forwarded ports for PS4 still no improvement. I have been quite disappointed in the PS4 wifi

    • Rahh

      For ex. I run a test and it works, I launch game like BF4 and it wont connect so I run a test again and it fails. Very frustrating.

  • Josh101

    That’s unfortunate. Last night, I tried Battlefield 4 and it wouldn’t connect. EA servers were down for maintenance as well it seems, because, then I tried Resogun and was able to play online co-op fine. I later tried BF4 again and it worked. Played a few races on NFS:Rivals with no issue. This morning I played one round of BF4 and didn’t have an issue. I’m in Peoria Illinois.