iOS 7.1.1 update live, prompts passcode

By Peter Chubb - Apr 22, 2014

A couple of days ago we hinted that iOS 7.1.1 would be live either yesterday or today, and we were not that far out because it has now been made available for download. The update brings several new features to the iPad, iPod touch and the iPhone, along with some much-needed bug fixes as well.

iOS 7.1.1 update live – This update has only been available for a few hours and there is already a debate as to its size and a strange request that has not been seen before.

One of our readers said the download size was more than 1GB in size, but we find that very hard to believe because most of our readers confirm that the actual size of iOS 7.1.1 is 18.8 MB, this does seem more realistic seeing as though Apple has made it that you do not need to download the entire OS, only the part that needs to be updated.

However, we are not certain if the download size for iOS 7.1.1 on the iPad is any larger than 18.8 MB?

As for that strange request, when we went to the update section on our iPhone and selected to download the new update we were prompted for our passcode, which is new.

Forgive us if we are wrong, but this is something new with iOS 7.1.1 because this is the first time we have been asked to enter our passcode before accepting the download.

We hope to gain a better idea as to what these new improvements bring, and while we know they make further improvements to Touch ID, along with security updates and bug fixes, there is a hope that this will bring an end to the iPhone 5S crashes, although we highly doubt this.

iOS 7.1.1 update live for Apple TV

Along with this update, Apple TV 6.1.1 update is now ready to download and install onto second and third generation models. Apple has failed to detail what changes have been made with this hardware, although we are sure they will update us on this soon.

Has iOS 7.1.1 update rectified the issues you were having, or has it created new ones?

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  • Bootsie55

    Hate the new calendar…. you used to be able to see all your calendar appointments by tapping on the magnifying glass icon and scroll down… now it only goes by a specific date.. you have to tap each date to see what you have scheduled. Anyone else think that stinks?

  • Boxingwithangels

    I have an eight digit passcode for my screen lock, its not working with the update, and when I go into settings and passcode, it doesnt recognize it there either. Ticked.

  • userids

    it is the password you use to unlock your phone

  • Rational Muslim

    I was asked for my passcode. Entered it but it did not work. I KNOW I entered my passcode correctly, so what is going on here?