Hearthstone Android, iPhone release date blues

By Alan Ng - Apr 22, 2014

While Hearthstone is now available to play on iPad, many users are still patiently waiting for any news regarding the highly anticipated Hearthstone Android and iPhone app release date.

Blizzard are taking their time with the mobile phone versions of the popular card game and now we have learned that the wait is going to continue until the second half of the year.

If you were assuming that Hearthstone on iPhone and Android would be out this Summer after the iPad version, unfortunately this would be a bad idea.

We now have confirmation from Blizzard themselves, stating that Hearthstone iPhone and Android apps will be released later this year. We’re guessing that focus will remain on PC, Mac and iPad until that time, although it is disappointing to see that Hearthstone still isn’t available on Android tablets yet.

It would have been great to see Hearthstone on iPad and tablets such as the Nexus 7 at the same time, but for unknown reasons Android tablet users are being made to wait until the mobile versions are ready.

It’s obviously not ideal, but that’s the strategy that Blizzard are going for. If you are specifically waiting for iPhone, Android or Android tablet versions of Hearthstone, let us know your thoughts on the continued delay.

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  • “Unknown reasons”. Probably because the difficulty of fitting the experience onto an iphone screen is pretty much just as difficult to do on the variety of Android tablets/phones.

  • Fagsmgee

    ‘Unknown reasons’ uhh it’s because of the multiple different screen resolutions that android supports, pretty well known.

  • Muslor

    Hići di igrim ni NIKSISI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hitno

  • InsanePorcupine

    I’m waiting for the android version, because this game is not good enough for pc, but makes sense on a phone as it is small, and turn based which when playing the ai works great for a phone as you may not always be playing a whole game on the go. As far as the online goes I’m not about to invest a million man hours or dollars to get a decent deck, but it’s not that bad and I await the android version and the single player options they are going to add. Not playing online anymore though.

    • Huzaifa_P

      What do you mean its not good enough for PC? Its a card game, this is the best it’ll get

      • InsanePorcupine

        I mean it’s graphically underwhelming, and waiting for people to go is painful. I didn’t make a kick ass gaming pc to watch people go “hmmmmmmmm”. I built this computer for fast paced graphically demanding games. Now if I’m waiting at the doctors office or something like that I think a turn based game can be fun.

        • Frembo

          That means you don’t like card games on the PC, it doesn’t mean it’s not good enough for PC…

        • InsanePorcupine

          I’m just saying what’s the point? I’ll wait for the android version. I can see playing this in a waiting room or something.

  • Android has 80% of the mobile market share. I will never understand companies that only develop for iOS or that endlessly delay the Android versions of apps.

    • Because

      iOS is easy to develop for, with only a few different specs to code around, less if they only allow the most recent 1-2 generations to run the app. Android has 100s. Even if you cut it down to the most popular android supported hardware, its still significantly more work. More work = more time.

      • Then delay the iOS release until Android is ready. It’s a damaging marketing choice. Android users feel disenfranchised and all the build-up to the release – marketing dollars spent – are wasted for the greater part of the population. Interest is lost in the interim, as well.

      • John Huntington

        Actually Android is easier to develop for and it takes less hours, and with android you can limit it to OS versions and even devices

    • InsanePorcupine

      I agree I am tired of waiting really, and have moved on already.

    • iPhoneuser

      Who many screen resolutions has the iPad? How many has all the android tablets?
      Thats why..

      • BjonerStromblad

        Go home. My android tablet’s display is 2560×1600. Also, you don’t need anything more than 1200×800 for this game, really. They released it for iPad first because it is easier since you don’t have to worry about device compatibility.

  • Apple Sucks Balls

    Why would you release this for iPad before Android? Apple products are garbage, and a small percentage of the market share.

  • Apple Sucks Balls

    Why would you release this for iPad before Android? Apple products are garbage, and a small percentage of the market share.

    • Brett Gibson

      Apple = hardware + software. Android = software. YOU DUMB DUMB YOU GIVE ME GUM GUM

      • NitemaRe

        What? Lol. How is that relevant to the question? Just because Apple makes phones, and Android makes OS’s isn’t a reason to develop for crApple first. Android holds the higher market share and thus would have been the more lucrative choice.

        • Jordan

          Android has a higher sales share, but iOS sees 2x the web usage. So maybe more Android devices have been sold, but more iOS devices are being used.

        • Huzaifa_P

          Maybe if you were actually patient, or just played it on your PC web browser, you wouldn’t be annoyed, and they took a risk releasing it on iOS, a risk which thy should not have taken, this is why I hate people who release things on one platform before another, it just makes people impatient

        • DVG

          Apps have generated more money on iOS every single time. More people have android phones, but more people spend money on apple.

    • HelloJello

      the answer is in the above post you twit. It’s a matter to code the game for multiple hardware configurations – mobile processor, mobile GPU… they make the game work perfect for Snapdragon + adreno and it fails with snapdragon + tegra. Point is to make it for android (WHICH IS SOFTWARE PEOPLE) you have to optimize for dozens of hardware configurations capable of running android.

  • emad abdallah

    As long as it release before school next year… i can play while learning

  • Simon

    The reasons that theyre not releasing it on both android, iphone and ipad simultaniously is because ipad version only took a little editing as the program code used for apps is C. For android they need to re write the whole program in java. So unfortunately we have to wait for them to re-make the whole game using a different programming code before we can enjoy playing this brilliant game on our tablets or phones =(.

    • Jason Morley

      Not entirely true. The underlying code for Hearthstone is most likely C++, and you can compile C++ for Android and iOS without much headache (Objective-C links to C++ for iOS, the NDK lets you link Java to C++ for Android).

      The delay is most likely due to wanting to optimise for the lower power smaller-screen not-tablet devices, and releasing for Android basically requires releasing for Tablet and Phone simultaneously.

      • Konstantin

        Hearthstone runs on Unity engine, so the game is coded in C#. Unity games can be deployed cross-platform without having to recode anything. Unity engine has built-in C# virtual machine and runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. Many recent games for these last two run under Unity. There are a few minor differences in Unity features between platforms, so some adjustments may be necessary. And network environment can be different. But the biggest issue is UI. What works well on PC, usually works poorly on tablets and horribly on phones. The reason they released Hearthstone to iPads already is large, standardized screens, so the game can play almost identically to PC. Android presents problems due to sheer variety in devices. And phones have tiny screens in need of different interface. These things take time.

        • Varcertez

          Not only that, but as I understand it there was a legal dispute with a gamemaker in China who developed a blatent rip-off and sold it on Android before Blizzard could.

        • John Huntington

          Konstantin good explanation but on the android market you can limit the download to certain devices so there is no reason they couldn’t release it for some tablets and not for others.

        • John Huntington

          By the way I already run it on my tablet with the help of my PC thanks to teamviewer.

      • Huzaifa_P

        Have you ever made a game? NO! Its not easy to give everybody what they want, or shall I say, give every impatient human being what they want

        • Jason Morley

          Is this supposed to be a reply to me? It doesn’t match what I said at all. I was defending the not-yes-Android-and-iPhone-ness by pointing out there are further considerations aside from just ‘compiling for the new platform’. like UI design and optimisation for the hardware.

          (And actually, yes I have made a game or two. I’ve worked professionally as a programmer, in which capacity I’ve worked on server-side and front-end software, and I’ve developed games in my spare time as a hobby (though not professionally). I am aware of the complexity in development, both in terms of code, design and business requirements)

  • Aaron Smith

    I would think that with so many android phablets it would be a shame to release Hearthstone on the android tablets and not the phones at the same time because you will end up with a divide of customers. That being said I really want to be able to play it on my phablet.

  • Phabrikam

    well, at least its confirmed to be in dev & coming out eventually

  • marc

    ha gayyyyyy

  • Rusery

    How do you think you’ll be able to see what youre doing? Im not sure about other card games, but this ones got graphics that fly across the game board. It eats GPU of my brand new Ipad with some lag. I couldn’t imagine the lag on your phone. Not to mention the board is rather large.. Generally the HS team has a lot of work ahead of them to complete mobile versions and generally android tablets seem to have smaller screens, though i have not done my research.

    • liam

      For the phone edition, they are likely to dial back on the graphics and animations and as for the scale of things, I assume that it will be scalled appropriately for mobile users.

    • Mike

      I don’t know if you have ever played games on your phone, but they have all types of games such as card, RPG, FPS, MMO, and even consoles like PS1 and PSP.. Getting the game running smooth isn’t much of a stretch, and while I don’t know a lot about programming, I would think scaling the game from ipad to ipod/iphone would be the easy part.The framework for the game is already done, they would just have to work out the visuals, which like I said card games already exist, so figuring out how to do it wouldn’t be too hard.

    • deek

      If you’re jailbroken, you can get the ipad version working on iphone.

      I’ve been playing it fine (5s), even with the text being so small.

      So I’m sure the optimized version will be pretty decent.

      • perma

        Knowing blizzard, you will eventually get your account perma banned for doing this.

  • luca

    I’ve got hs on my iPad but Its not like I can keep that in my pocket and have a round of hs whenever I want to? I just really wish the mobile version comes out sooner rather than later

  • Hogleg

    Will just keep playing SolForge on my phone then.