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Chrome Remote Desktop Android app paradise

The moment has finally arrived for Android users. Google has once again come up with the goods and launched the Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android. Best of all, it’s free to download and offers the simplest way to hook up your PC to your Android device without hassle.

You won’t need us to tell you how massive this is for Android users around the world. Previously, this feature was restricted to PC remote access from another PC. Now though you can access your computer using an Android phone or tablet, meaning that you can do so from anywhere in the world.

Google may have been tempted to provide such a luxury feature for a small fee, but it’s fantastic to see that this is a completely free service that won’t cost you a penny. All you need to do is download Chrome Remote Desktop from the Google Play Store and also from the Chrome Web store.

Once done, simply open the app on your Android device and click on any of your online computers to connect – it’s that easy. Usually consumers liken remote desktop services to a lot of stress and hassle, but Google has made this as straight forward as it gets.

You can read the feedback so far on the Chrome Remote Desktop app review page to see that consumers are loving the mobile version already. Over 8,000 5-star reviews from just over 12,000 total reviews tells you all you need to know about Chrome Remote Desktop and whether it is worth trying.

Watch our included video below and give your own personal thoughts on your experiences with the new app so far. Are you loving the fact that this is free?



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