2014 FIFA World Cup with Sturridge dance

Are you looking forward to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil? One of the best ways to prepare for the highly anticipated tournament is to play the official 2014 FIFA World Cup game from EA Sports.

That’s exactly what we have been doing and while we will gather our thoughts in detail at a later stage, we bring some brief but great news for England fans.

Those planning to play as England in the game should rejoice as we can confirm that EA has managed to include Daniel Sturridge’s dance in 2014 FIFA World Cup. The infamous move has been replicated by many fans throughout the current Premier League season, with the star performing the dance after many of his goals for Liverpool FC.

Above is a screenshot that we have taken, showing not only Daniel Sturridge performing his signature move, but also animations to show that his teammates will join in with the dance as well after scoring a goal.

So far, the game seems like a solid addition to those that are already addicted to FIFA 14. As most of you know, this game is not on PS4 or Xbox One, with EA taking the decision purely based on player install base in time for the World Cup.

It’s by no means a cash-in though, with 2014 FIFA World Cup containing plenty of features including a full Road to the World Cup tournament to play through to keep everyone busy until the Summer.

Let us know your thoughts on the fact that the Daniel Sturridge dance is included in this game. Is there anything else you would like to find out?



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