PSN down today for maintenance

We have an important heads-up to those that are planning an Easter gaming marathon session on the PS4. Sony has once again sent out word that the PS4 needs maintenance and that PSN will be down on April 21 2014.

Considering that many gamers will have a day off during Easter Monday, it isn’t exactly the ideal time to be performing more maintenance. However, Sony will be taking certain parts of the PlayStation Network down and we can confirm that it will be offline for six hours.

The most important thing to tell you though is to remain signed in if you intend to play PS4 for long periods on Monday. The official start time for the PSN down period is from 9:50AM to 3:50 PM Pacific Time, or 12:50pm to 6:50pm Eastern Time.

For our readers in the UK, this relates to 16:00pm BST to 04:00am, according to the SEN website. Sony has already confirmed that the services affected are Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited, Sony Entertainment Network Store and PSN.

As with maintenance periods in the past, as long as you remain signed into PSN at some point before the maintenance period begins, you should be ok to continue playing PS4 games online – such as Battlefield 4, COD Ghosts, FIFA 14 and so on.

Sony has once again apologized for the sudden bout of maintenance and obviously some gamers will be unhappy about it occurring over Easter.

Let us know how you feel about this.



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