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Google Camera app review

Earlier on this week we told you about the announcement of Google’s new Camera app. It offers consumers the choice of specifically using Google’s camera tools over those stock camera apps supplied by the likes of Samsung, LG and HTC.

Those of you who are looking for further feedback on the app before downloading, can watch the very useful Google Camera app review that we have included below.

One of the big talking points of Google Camera is that it offers a universal Lens Blur feature for all Android users. This Lens Blur is seemingly one of the most favorite social features for consumers to enjoy and now Google are offering it up for everyone, where previously you may have only seen the feature on Nexus devices.

Google extends their camera tools to everyone
Google extends their camera tools to everyone

So far, it seems like the Google Camera reviews have been universal in praising Google’s latest efforts. We can see that there are almost 15,000 5-star reviews on the Google Camera review page over at the Google Play Store, with many consumers even happy to admit that the Google Camera app is better than most of the stock camera apps offered by other smartphone manufacturers.

If you are reluctant about installing yet another camera app on your Android phone, we recommend you watch the video review below as it will definitely give you the conclusion that you are after.

For those that have already been using Google Camera for a few days since launch, what are your honest opinions of it. Do you think it is the best camera software on Android now, or are you unimpressed?



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