Fallout 4 legitimate tease

- Apr 20, 2014

Finally, a legitimate Fallout 4 tease that’s more than we have seen with hoaxes in the form of websites running a countdown. This might not be the Fallout 4 release date or confirmation you desire, but ZeniMax Media has filed a number of trademarks for Nuka Cola. Fans of the series will know this name well and remember the soft drink.

The trademarks were reportedly filed just over a week ago, as NUKA COLA, and you can see the registration including a drawing on the official uspto.gov website. The data entered doesn’t give much away and certainly tells us little about the Fallout 4 connection, but at least we know something is going on while we patiently wait for solid details.

You can also see within the tables what this trademark covers and paragraphs include “electronic computer games”, “clothing”, and “downloadable computer game software”. This obviously gives ZeniMax Media the right to use the Nuka Cola name on clothing and within the Fallout 4 game.

One of the requests some people want in Fallout 4 is for the game to feature vehicles, although personally we find quick travel good enough while exploring the wastelands. Do you think a lot of vehicles would ruin the fun of Fallout 4, or if this is something you want feel free to explain the types of vehicles needed in your opinion?

While some of you might prefer the web to stop talking about Fallout 4 rumors until real news arrives, it is hard to keep quiet when such trademarks are filed, so feel free to leave a comment with what you think the filing means in terms of the upcoming game and of course a release date window. Personally, we expect the launch year to be 2016 and certainly not anywhere near 2014.

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  • Fallout Freak

    The trademark application is an interesting and logical filing. A trademark grant from the USPTO allowing you to use the actual “R” with the circle around it meaning “registered” can take two or three years. The government wants to keep the rights as specific and narrow as possible so as to leave others with opportunity for use in different areas, so they do an exhaustive search and a great deal of the time challenge your filing and then
    you must amend your application and re-submit.

    If granted, the use of the mark must be maintained (meaning used) and re-registered every number of years so their intent isn’t to just let it be parked in their ownership.

    Perhaps this is to dovetail with upcoming trailers or game release; only time will tell and I wish all the best and careful beta testing on this one to ZeniMax.

  • Rodney



    More glitches and freezes please!!!!

  • RICK

    This trademark for Nuka Cola and other recent leaks, come on give us Fallout 4 details already. We know it is coming, just a little more information please ZeniMax.