All-Stars Battle Royale hits C2-12383-7 error at Easter

- Apr 19, 2014

Over the past couple of weeks we received news about an error code hitting a number of PS Vita handhelds, although the need to report this fact comes after several emails from Product Reviews readers explaining the same All-Stars Battle Royale C2-12383-7 error problems on different PlayStation Vita’s.

This issue seems to surface when trying to install the All-Stars Battle Royale game and considering the good price over the Easter holidays, the number of people seeing this problem might have increased.

We’ve been told that the main error code is C2-12383-7 that displays after the install process crashes. One of our readers had this to say in an email, “Something is wrong with the Vita version of All-stars battle royale, after downloading it crashes at 15% during installation. Several people have the same problem and I was wondering if any of Product Reviews readers see the same error”. Following that email we did indeed receive more emails from our readers, and after looking a little further found some big forum threads with similar problems like this one.

Another gamer stated, “So I see All-Stars Battle Royale in the sale for £6.50 on PS Vita and I’ve not been able to install it, then they put it back up on the PSN store to £12. Not happy at all with Sony”.

Have you had any problems trying to install All-Stars Battle Royale on PS Vita? Did you take advantage of the recent price drop?

It is worth noting that we’ve heard Sony’s developers are trying to the fix the crashing and freezing when installing the game, so if you’ve noticed an improvement we’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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  • MAWman17

    Yeah I actually emptied my wallet and bought this game for my VITA in the Easter sale and ended up dissapointed as it would’nt install AND it’s been nearly a week that i’ve been waiting for a fix!

  • ravachol

    Issue still exists. Wanting to play this game for about a week now. Let’s hope it get’s fixed soon, pretty dissatisfied right now with Sony support. 🙁

  • HappyZavulon

    Yup, still having issues.
    I think they’ve fixed the problem for new buyers, but it still doesn’t work for people who bought the game during the sale.