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Xperia Tablet Z Kitkat release date update

If you are a happy Sony Xperia Tablet Z owner, we can tell you that it is about to get a lot happier for you this weekend. Sony has just sent out word that an official Xperia Tablet Z Android 4.4 Kitkat update is on the way soon.

Considering that the device received an update to Jelly Bean in December, may consumers will treat this news as perfect timing. We have heard from Sony who say that the long awaited Xperia Tablet Z Kitkat update release date will be sometime in May.

Unfortunately there is no exact release date for when the rollout will occur, but at least having the update scheduled for May will be good enough for most.

While some consumers may favor the likes of the iPad Air, iPad Mini and Nexus 7, the Xperia Tablet Z remains a very popular tablet for those that made the decision to get one.

It’s nice to see Sony keeping their end of the deal too by maintaining their promise to deliver Kitkat on the Xperia Tablet Z.

If you have one in your hands now, let us know your experiences with it so far and if you happy choosing it over the iPad.



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