Watch Dogs Vs GTA V sales prediction

By Alan Ng - Apr 18, 2014

GTA V is an amazing game and continues to be played religiously by PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers. At the same time, others are already bored of the game and are instead looking forward to the next big open world game – Watch Dogs.

Many gamers are expecting big things from Ubisoft’s main game in 2014 and it looks like the publisher and developer are supremely confident as well.

We’ve heard this week that Ubisoft is already confident enough to say that Watch Dogs will go on to be “one of the biggest selling new IPs in recent memory”. This is a bold statement at this stage when you consider that GTA V broke literally all sales records when it went on sale in September 2013.

Ubisoft’s Wayne Greenwell has been speaking about the reception for the game so far, admitting that pre-order numbers for Watch Dogs have been “hugely promising” so far. With a May 27 Watch Dogs release date locked down, we’ve actually read a lot of feedback from gamers who truly believe that Watch Dogs could end up being more successful than GTA V.

While some will obviously disagree with this claim, we think it is fantastic that the choice is there for everyone to go out and give Watch Dogs a try if GTA V feels a little stale. The graphics for the game are looking absolutely stunning at the moment, especially for those that have a PC rig and are planning to play Watch Dogs on ultra settings.

While analysts will ultimately have their say in the weeks to come, let us know what you personally think about the inevitable Watch Dogs Vs GTA V sales battle.

Have you pre-ordered Watch Dogs and fully expect the game to be at least as good as GTA V, if not better?

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  • JTrip

    I expect Watch Dogs sales to be very good but not GTA V good despite GTA only being on last gen consoles. In fact I don’t think it will even be in the same ball park as GTA. Infamous sold 1 million copies in 9 days and Watch Dogs already has at least 1 million pre orders but comparing Watch Dog sales to GTA is just hyping up the game. GTA V sold 11.21 million copies in its first 24 hours. As far as graphics go, Watch Dogs should look better on an expensive high end PC than GTA did on the PS3 and Xbox 360. So far from the videos I’ve seen the PS4 version of Watch Dogs doesn’t look any better than the PS3 version of GTA.

    • Moriarty

      Thats just graphics. If you’re judging sales based upon something as simple of graphics your way off. The content is extremely unique and really indepth. The only reason it may not sell as big is because of the lack of co op multiplayer and gta v was a sequel of a long series.

      • JTrip

        The graphics reference was strictly to the tweet above in the article. GTA V already had a huge following. There is no way Watch Dogs is going to have close to the same sales figure.