Titanfall 2 PS4 release with single-player

By Alan Ng - Apr 18, 2014

With many Xbox and PC gamers enjoying Titanfall at the moment, spare a thought for the poor folks over at PlayStation who are unable to get their hands on the game, due to yet another money spinning deal.

Fortunately, it looks like a Titanfall 2 game is definitely on the cards given the reception to Respawn’s debut title. When it happens, it looks like there is a strong chance that PS3 and PS4 Titanfall 2 versions will be included as well this time.

Although EA has understandably yet to confirm Titanfall 2 so soon, there has been reports this week suggesting that the giant publisher has already secured the rights for a Titanfall sequel. This is according to an article published by GameSpot who have been informed by their sources that this is a done deal.

On top of this, there’s also whispers suggesting that Microsoft’s exclusive deal with EA was only valid for the first Titanfall game, so when the sequel arrives it will surely be on PS4 as EA would not want to miss out on further sales.

As you can see, some excited fans are already looking forward to a Titanfall 2 game arriving on PS4. The question that we want to know too, is whether Titanfall will end up a yearly release, or if Respawn need further time in between games.

Another gamer has requested that when the PS4 version does arrive, Respawn will listen to demand and include a Titanfall 2 single-player mode. As most of you are aware, Titanfall is a multiplayer game only at the moment and does not come with a main campaign mode similar to other games in its genre.

This was a rather bold move by Respawn, but we think there will be no complaints if Titanfall 2 ships with a single-player mode. Although that could increase developmental time and we may not get a yearly release – not that it’s necessarily a bad thing of course.

If you are a PS4 owner right now, let us know if you would love to see Titanfall 2 on your console. Do you agree with the calls for a single-player mode to be included as well? Give us your best ideas below.

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  • Michael Owens

    After having friends play it to death, and then… get bored of it. I am not excited about this coming to the PS4 in 2 years time.

    Let them keep it.

  • I don’t own an XBox One yet so I don’t know how good the game really is. No offense to XBox One owners but it doesn’t interest me personally…but like I said, I haven’t played it. If there was one thing that would encourage me to purchase it, it would be a single player campaign added assuming it was polished and long enough. That’s one part of the Battlefield franchise that has been frustrating is how short the single player campaigns are.

  • C missen

    I agree in that Titanfall could do with a single-player mode of some sort if not a campaign, and if Titanfall 2 comes around with the same kind of quality, it would only be a good thing to me as well. the game is so richly detailed and deep in its mechanics, the UNDERLYING game is so unique, polished and solid that adding a campaign could show off the games incredible possibilities and cinematic potential over a game with merely typical FPS mechanics. the base game already had titan-AI as the tutorial and auto pilot titans show, so fears of single-player limiting titan presence in game are downright unfounded.
    Ramp up the AI difficulty, tweak the titan-AI to simulate more in depth strategic choices, look into the possibility of AI-pilots, and there is a ridiculously fine recipe for a single pilot-centric campaign, and would have me much more willing to reinvest in the next title.
    just my stance, I know not many will agree, but I for one think Titanfall could really use a single player experience, above and beyond the potential of other multiplayer centric titles.

    • Jc2extreme

      I think there should be no single player mode put all there resources in online play. Battlefield 2 style ftw !!!