The Last of Us PS4 release date after slip up

We have some more information to give you now on the highly anticipated release for The Last of Us on PS4. The next-gen version of the game is going to be upgraded to 1080p visuals, which is very exciting for all PS4 users considering it was arguably the best looking game to ever release on PS3.

Although Sony and Naughty Dog are yet to reveal the final The Last of US PS4 release date just yet, it looks like one or two retailers have accidentally revealed the information early – not for the first time.

We have spotted that Target and Best Buy were recently showing a June 20th release date for the game, with both now opening pre-orders for the game. Unsurprisingly, we have since spotted that both retailers in question have updated their listings to show a normal placeholder date of December 31 2014 instead.

This tells us that Naughty Dog and Sony were not happy about the slip up and it would obviously seem strange for both to list a June 20 date, then both alter that date to December 31 afterwards.

Remember that aside from 1080p visuals, the Remastered version is also going to include all three DLC packs for the game. That means that you’ll get Left Behind and also the recently announced Grounded Bundle as well which was unveiled earlier this week.

So there we have it. Expect the game to release on June 20 after E3 2014. Will you be buying the game or not – you can read some discussion on The Last of Us PS4 upgrades here.



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