Dark Souls 2 4K graphics with PS4, Xbox One regret

By Alan Ng - Apr 18, 2014

With Dark Souls 2 PC on the way next week, fans are still disappointed that From Software did not give in to demand and develop Dark Souls 2 on PS4 and Xbox One. It remains PC and last-gen only, with some glorious new Dark Souls 2 4K screenshots unlikely to change the downbeat mood among PS4 and Xbox One owners.

At the moment, there is no indication that Dark Souls 2 PS4 and Xbox One will release, although fans obviously believe that it will happen sooner rather than later.

Don’t forget that we’ve just had the confirmation of The Last of Us on PS4, so it really is a no brainer decision to tap into even more sales potential from those who would buy the game day one on PS4 and Xbox One.

Back to the PC version though, as PC owners cannot wait to pick up the game after Easter on April 25. Dark Souls 2 is easily going to look the best on PC, but for those that have the ability to output their monitors at 4K are truly in for a treat.


The guys over at PC Gamer have showed off some Dark Souls 2 4K goodness, with the game captured with a resolution of 3840×2160. We’ve included some of the beautiful imagery for you to take a look at here, but head to PC Gamer for the full collection – it’s well worth it.

Don’t forget that the PC version is going to be even more promising once users get to grips with Dark Souls 2 mods. It all goes back to the fact that it would have been really nice to see the game on PS4 and Xbox One this year.

Do you think it will still happen once Namco Bandai decide that they want to maximize sales? We’ve seen it with The Last of Us, we’ll probably see it with GTA V and don’t count it out from happening with Dark Souls 2 as well.

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  • timothytripp

    I would buy this for PS4 in a heartbeat. Personally I won’t buy any new games for XB360 or PS3, only Next Gen from this point forward. I rented this on 360 and was really intrigued by the gameplay but unimpressed with the graphics (after playing a bunch of PS4 games at 1080p/60fps, last-gen games just don’t impress… even The Last of Us). I’m hoping the developers at least let some 3rd party studio port it for them. Surely with the PC assets in-hand there could be a great 1080p experience here at least on PS4 and even if XB1 could only handle 900p that would still be a lot better than what they’re getting on the 360. Looks like around 540p to me and the framerate struggles.

  • Drew Fancher

    All you pc fanboys are just mad that you can only play by yourselves or with very minimal splitscreen support. Consoles are about sharing the experience with up to three other people at the same time in the same room.

  • PCMasterRace

    There’s no such thing as 4k gaming on PS4 or XboxOne, those things are potatoes.

  • Gemelos1208

    Don’t care if the game will look better on the PC. This article is probably created by a PC fanboy. And besides, Dark Souls 2 on ps3 still have more players which includes Dark Souls AND Demon’s Souls gamers. While the PC version will only have Dark Souls gamers. This guy is obviously trying to annoy PS3 and Xbox owners that the PC version will be better. Seriously, this is getting old right now. This is the console wars, not platform wars. And I hope DkS 3 will be available only on PS4 and X1. If they put it on the PC, this is where the riot begins.

    • Cake

      Wow dude, you sure are mad. How about you get a job and build a PC instead of crying like a baby?

    • nomadicjester

      lol actually it is a platform war…and pc is king. My PC specs are already better than xbone and ps4…so what does that tell you?

  • alfie j

    I’d buy it for ps4. If it never happens it’d be a crying shame.

  • gitgud84

    Garbage article.

  • eklipz330

    has anyone even looked at those pics? it was clearly not designed for 4k. that textures look blocky and disgusting.

    other than that, i have never been more excited for a game. pre-ordered last night at GMG, crossing my fingers and hoping its not a buggy disaster. here’s to hope!

    • Angie Fonseca

      The screen shots looks AMAZING! What are you talking about? You can see the stitching in the players robe and the individual tiles and wood grain on the shield. Everything looks great imho. Have you even gone to the PC Gamers website and looked at the shots in 4K? I have, all 40 of them and I am VERY impressed. There are no “blocky textures” sure some of the geometry isn’t the greatest but it still looks great overall. I think you are simply ignorant of the difference of “textures” and “object geometry”. You can’t possibly look at those shots and say the textures are “blocky”…

      • Gemelos1208

        Yes but are the graphics the same as the beta? Does it have better lightning as the beta? That’s what I thought. “We can use mods”. Yes but mods aren’t part of the game, they’re just cheats of some sort. Not from the real game.

  • trent

    Very misleading. Why the regret about it not being on next gen consoles? If you want next gen dark souls II then buy it for pc and be done with it, why should they waste time developing for ps4/xbox when they can do much more with the pc version. There is nothing that can be done on the next gen consoles that isn’t done much better on pc.

    • Sixpack69

      shut up pc nerd. Go lift some weights you skinny nerd!

    • Gemelos1208

      Look out we got a pc etilist over here.

  • SGTBuzzyBean

    Title is a bit misleading. It seems as if you are making it seem that the game is 4K on the PS4.

    • chitown

      The title is more than misleading. It’s gibberish.

      • SGTBuzzyBean

        LoL I agree. It’s a very bad title.