PS4 Vs Xbox One sales milestone with silence

By Alan Ng - Apr 17, 2014

It looks like it is going to be a good weekend for Sony. The company has just announced their latest PS4 sales update for April 2014 and it’s good news. PS4 units have now passed the 7 million mark globally, with the company calling the success “overwhelming” and “humbling”.

The PS4 launched in the US during November 2013 of course, with Sony even delaying a release in their home country until February 2014. That hasn’t stopped the interest in the next-gen system though and these latest figures firmly suggest that Sony has a big lead over Microsoft in the PS4 Vs Xbox One sales war so far.

7 million consoles have been sold as of April 6, that’s the official word from Sony. Remember that PS4 stock is still at a low, with consumers finding it painfully difficult to locate stock in some regions – Asia included.

Microsoft meanwhile has been silent since January. We last heard an official statement from the company at the end of January, when Microsoft announced that 3.9 million Xbox One consoles had been sold worldwide.

Since then though, we have had no updated figures in the months that have passed, so it will be very interesting to find out if Microsoft has managed to get close to the 7 million mark that Sony has achieved globally as of April.

If you own either console, let us know what you think about your purchase since launch. Are you happy with it and are looking forward to the rest of the year?

Do you think Sony will win the next-gen war based on this evidence of Sony coming out on top?

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  • Crazyeye

    Idk why people talk sales like that indicates which is the better product this is not the case in any industry,if it was i guess toyota makes better products than bugatti,sams choice is better than classic coke, regular gas is better than high octane,and call of duty must be the best console game of all time since no other games sell like cod does.

  • Crazyeye

    If you want the xb1 or ps4 to fail then your not a true gamer your a fanboy. When businesses compete the customer always wins.I have an xb1 and im happy with my purchase and when i get the ps4 I will be happy with that one also.If microsoft and sony werent competeing I promise you neither console would as powerful as they are because you would have no other choice, other than pc or the grossly underpowered wii u.

  • Charles – The Great and Powerf

    XBox One is geared up to release in China in July. And then… The game is over.

    • Core Paradigm

      Except China is xenophobic, and mostly a PC nation, anyway. They’re more likely to adopt a console that can currently be hacked (like a Wii, Wii U, PSP, or 360), because it would make it easier for them to get quality games that the rest of the world is enjoying.

      No, an Xbox One release in China will not do much. China is more likely to release something like “the X-Station U” than for XB1 to adopt the Xbox One.

  • Alex Whitfield

    Even I am shocked I used to do gaming reviews etc not to long back quit for now for life reasons but I had a prediction that Xbox One was going to exceed PS4 sales for at least March and PS4 would have to counter act and catch up in April instead Xbox One sales reports suggest it only got close to PS4 (around 94%) for March meaning the gap didn’t grow as fast as it has but it still grew. 7 million PS4’s and somewhere around 4.2 – 4.4 Million Xbox Ones as data would suggest and I myself thought Xbox One was gonna be close to 5 million by now.
    March didn’t really go how I think anyone thought it would not even Sony probably thought it would. Seriously Titan Fall had a lot of hype and the bundle deals that popped up were not half bad deals (though MS is at a lost per console doing it) but either way good for consumers and not at all what I think anyone saw coming.
    Ps4 might hit that 10 million mark before November much less the end of the year. The sales are astounding really.
    Although let me say XB1 is not doing bad over 10 million software sales and over 4 million console sales at only about half a year into its life cycle is nothing to laugh at in itself.
    Only console needing a little is Wii U seeing as Xb1 could surpass in say 2 months maybe 3. Either way its just an absolute amazing console race so far.

  • Marcus

    That 3.9 million X1 in January MS reported, I believe was the amount shipped NOT sold. Whatever the case, I do not think we will know the full extent of this console war until this fall. Price slashes, bundles, and featured games will push more adopters. If MS cuts the price to be more competitive or launches w/o Kinect, and then Sony answers with their own price cut or bundle, this Holiday could get really crazy. Not to mention the Wii U waiting in the wings with Mario keenly twisting his stash.

  • omino75

    Im extreamly happy with my Xbox One! The negative press Microsoft received last year didnt sway me in the slightest. As a company they should be commended for the changes made at the 11th hour to please the press and us as gamers! I belive the right man has been put in charge of all Xbox departments and has refocused the company to deliver the games we love. The regular updates to the systems firmware has included some features from the 360 that were missing, and future updates will add more and more to the operating system much like they did with the 360. Sales figures are getting a lot of attention it seems but ultimately even tho MS may have sold less units, only good can come out of a competative spirit. Sony like to twist the knife and kick when others are down just like a playground bully. That mentality is obviously prevelent in the scores of Sony fans who trawl the net for negative Xbox articles on sites like IGN. Long live Xbox….Titan…Ready.!!!

    • Alex Whitfield

      I agree mostly but not entirely I can’t blame most Sony fans seeing as Xbox fans have been kicking them for about 8 years now so they probably can’t help but take the chance to kick back a little.
      Although they and me included (yep I am a Sony kind of guy) should try to handle ourselves with dignity I mean we are all gamers and we are all in this for fun and getting to play.
      I went PS4 cause Infamous intrigues me and I was on the fence from early reports of Titan Fall plus I always felt Sony just gave more exclusive goodies than MS. SO I pre-ordered.
      Once Xbox One came out and it has been clear since that Xbox One wants to fix the 360 issue of not enough Exclusive content and I demoed Titan Fall at my local Game Stop, well I am now thinking of saving up for one although that Kinect is getting unhooked if I do.
      I own a 36 and do not like its Kinect and I am on the fence for Kinect 2 just not my cup of tea.
      Either way I must say Xb1 is shaping up to better than the 360 heck all the new consoles are better than their older selves at this rate.
      Lot of gaming I a looking forward to right now!


    I am not sure what the big deal is about who has the most sales. In my opinion even being second with millions of sales is awesome, but I think it has more to do with game selection. Simply looking at the list of games announced and comparing what is on both Xbox One and PS4 as well as what is coming only on one of the platforms will help you decide which system is best for you. However with that said, if you are a true die hard gamer then you will pickup both systems so that you don’t have to do without! I admit I have both systems (also Wii U) and lean a bit more towards the Xbox for ease of use being relatively new to gaming. I look forward to the new releases and less towards the media focused debate of the console wars! Peace out and happy gaming everyone!

    • Agree. Although I currently own the PS4 and am quite happy about it, there is no doubt that I will own an XBox One this year. The only one I won’t be picking up is the Wii U this round. I have the Wii and I’m just not seeing enough draw to upgrade to their “Next Gen” since it seems to be more of a “Sideways Gen” than “Next Gen”.

  • Clanga

    Well it’s a big deal, though Sony have their console selling in 48 territories, while Xbox only are in 13. Correct me if this is wrong. Though that’s my guess as to why their is a major gap.

    • TonyKarais

      With stacks and stacks of Xbox Ones available at every retailer in the US and Canada the question should be why is the One not available in more countries now seeing as it’s getting its a** handed to it?

    • wildmorgan

      Doesn’t make a difference. 6 million of those 7 million PS4 sales are in countries where both consoles are available. Adding Japan takes it up to about 6.5 million and lets face it, the Xbox One will sell very poorly in Japan anyway. So that leaves about 0.5 million in the remaining 34 countries where PS4 is available and Xbox One isn’t. They are tiny, tiny markets and they make very little difference to the overall sales and therefore is not the reason for the major gap. It’s simple maths boys and girls – PS4 is well ahead.

      • blzzy_gie

        Complete rubbish, you don’t know the percentages, the UK which is the only one to have official figures is NOT all of Europe and it is doing well there.

        It’s also doing well in the USA, again only one of the Few country’s to keep official numbers.

        As for Japan news is PS4 isn’t dong very well there nor is the Wii U, they don’t have much interest in home consoles anymore.

        The Xbox One may be released in China in July and it’s a huge unknown market that is likely to favour MS over Sony for historical reasons alone.
        No one knows how true any figures will turn out to be until, after September when MS will have launched in another 30+ country’s plain and simple.

    • Alex Whitfield

      They both have already released in all of their major markets for themselves. Only major venue left for Xb1 is Japan but Japan is 1 not interested in Xbox and 2 not interested in Console gaming much at all really so it wont provide any major sales boost. All remaining territories rarely surmount to any real sales figures at all.
      Canada and US most of Europe and Japan are the 3 main venues some other areas like Russia and Australia will surmount to minor sales and all remaining don’t really add much at all.
      Xbox One is not a bad console but what you said is not the reason it is lagging behind at all.

  • Robin

    i have a ps4 and im happy with my buy, im looking forward to Project Morpheous, its a virtual reality headset only coming to ps4 with 2 1080p screens (one for each eye) its it reported to be better than the ocolus rift.

  • Andy Keogh Parker

    Also just a quick pointer the ps4 is available in more countries so clearly it will have higher sales that’s a no brainer lmfao at fan boys and yes I have ps4 & xbox1

    • Marcus

      So if the X1 was available in Japan and the countries PS4 was, it would be about even? Ya right. The PS4 is selling in Japan, but not crazily. The sales difference has a lot more to do with message, price, and value. Sony is winning on all those fronts. The Playstation brand is still way more popular with more people than the Xbox brand. Not taking anything away from the X1, but their always has to be a second. Not bad being second at all, but they will fall into problems if their install base does not grow enough to be seen as viable for 3rd party publishers. That last sentence can be said for this whole generation. Both the PS4 and X1 need to take off this year huge, so that development can move from older consoles to this one.

    • Alex Whitfield

      Xb1 has already released in all of its main venues so even if it released in all these other territories it might best case scenario fit in another .5 million and say PS4 didn’t get the early sales with a million lead here is where the Xbox One and PS4 would sit.
      Xbox One 4.8 million (added that .5 million)
      PS4 6 million (took away the early sales lead)
      So even then the PS4 would still be ahead by 1.2 million and this is a best case scenario.
      I don’t have anything wrong with Xb1 but don’t be delusional either buddy.

  • Niall Prendie

    I own both consoles. I purchased the PS4 on launch and the Xbox one on Titanfall launch. I have to say, in my opinion, the PS4 is better. I owned both PS3 and Xbox 360 and they were very equal, but in this generation i feel the PS4 is ahead and its just the little things.

    The xbox home screen feels messy and everything moves around and allot is hidden. The ps4 just feels and looks sleeker and cleaner.

    I do enjoy the voice commands which do work a lot better on the xbox than the PS4.

    PlayStation plus gives me a free ps4 game 4 ps 3 games and 2 vita games every month included in the price. were as gold just gives me access to online services.

    Games are slightly on the PS4 side as there “more” i know allot of them are small indi titles but that is still at the end of the day a game that the xbox doesn’t have. Additionally there are AAA titles that are still to even be announced by sony first party studios like, studio London, media molecule, sony Santa Monica, gorilla, sony bend and insomniac.

    Power wise, my ps4 seems to cope with multi talking, marginally better. the xbox can sometimes not load things or party chat will go down if too much is open. Frame rate and resolution is generally higher across games on PS4 which shows in 3+ years the xbox may not be able to give the same quality experience over all.

    The xbox has dropped £70 since launch and a new product shaving that much money off the product that at original price didn’t even have allot of margin on it show their desperate to get the boxes shifted.

    Thats just my opinion though so we shall see how these two compete. as i said i enjoy both but, the ps4 does head it up for me.

    • Andy Keogh Parker

      And gold also gives out free games that you don’t have to be online to play

      • cooldude012

        What kind of games? I noticed back at the start it was really old ones that can be bought very cheap and nobody cares about anymore. I’d rather just stick with PS+ and get games with all 3 consoles (includes the Vita) which would be more than what gold gives. After all how often do people re-play really old games they own? Not often at all. There’s only one direction to go and that’s forward which PS+ is doing by giving newer and more games than what gold does.

        • blzzy_gie

          Except for the games with the PS4 are rubbish and I would prefer an older game than a indie title.
          But on that note it looks like Games for gold for Xbox One will start in June (E3) and as there is no older games on Xbox one we shall see who offers the best games then.

      • blzzy_gie

        As soon as I read a post that starts with “I own both consoles” I just know how the post will pan out every time.

  • crizz1066

    What must be so galling to Xbox users is the fact that even thou, this small res difference isnt much. It just points out the disparity between both machines, what will happan in year 3 when designers will get more out of a machnie. Oh and please dont say DX12 will save the day. Couple to that the disastrous launch and no real “must
    haves” .While the Xbox is not dead. It is heavily wounded and must do
    something amazing or it will be left behind.

    I onlyknow 2 people in the UK who went from 360 -1 and they are both 13. Everyone
    else has or is moving to PS4. When I now go round to see my mates kid who has a
    One, I have to nag a bit to play on Titanfall as he’s bored and no longer plays
    it, if fact one of the 2 kids I know with the 1 is about ready to sell up and
    get a PS4

    Everytime I hear someone defending the xbox by being rude or nasty just makes me
    think of a battered spouse, hitting out at anyone who say they could do better
    and to leave and only ever say s”you don’t know them like I do, you should
    see them while were alone”

    • blzzy_gie

      I don’t see any posts here being rude, but I am sorry to say “I don’t belive a word of your post”

      • crizz1066

        Fine your belief in what I’ve said really inst going to stop me getting to sleep tonight. What exactly don’t you believe?? That I have friends (not very nice) that my friends have kids?? That they’ve got X1’s, or that they don’t play Titanfall anymore. If its the final part thats a very small percentage for you to completely disbelieve something i’ve said!!!!!!! WOW

  • Steve Downdred

    I have all three. Honestly, my Xbox1 gets played the most- my kids love the wiiU and I like the gamepad. The PS4 just kind of sits there esp since the release of Titanfall. IDK I just like the X1 better overall and the games TF, GOW, Halo. I’m glad to here the MS is going to take down the gold paywall for Netflix etc, But, I will always be a gold member so it doesn’t really affect me. I think MS has more working for it in terms of games, functionality and really immersion (Forza5 force feedback triggers are amazing)
    It will be nice to see DX12/more cloud games and see this resolution gate end; then maybe then people can just shut and play the games.

    • kevin mole

      xbox zealot your fooling no one ,I was a xbox 360 but if you think I am buying that dog turd of a xbox one no chance the ps4 is miles better get over it like what I did.

      • mj

        You were an Xbox 360…so are you just a digital person, like that new movie transcendence…you once were an xbox 360 and now are a talk back.

        • blzzy_gie

          Read his other posts his a fanboy or a PS4 or something

    • omino75

      Yeah i agree! So much more potential.

    • Alex Whitfield

      Here is my prediction on these two vs one another
      We already know this year.
      Next year
      Xbox One near all games at 1080p 30 – 40 FPS
      PS4 all games at 1080p 60 FPS+
      Year 3
      Xbox One all games at 1080p 60 FPS+
      PS4 with all games at the finer resolution and frame rates begins focusing on higher details further rendering distances and larger sums of particle effects
      Year 4
      Xbox One begins focusing on those pre said details
      PS4 with its HDMI 1.4 able to support 4k a firmware update unlocks this ability and 4k resolution games with about 40 FPS come about

      Etc etc

      I say that each time the Xbox One upgrades a step further so can the PS4.
      Although once Xb1 reaches 1080p 60FPS+ who will really care much by that point.
      Now what I said may not and probably wont be the exact timeline shoot I say all those upgrades will come twice as fast honestly as both the gamer and game maker constantly strive for better and so Sony and MS both will have to continue to push the hardware like they did last gen to fit the needs and wants of everyone.
      Also that isn’t bad for really anyone I mean we all benefit from this right?
      Even the Wii U is shaping up now
      First games it released were mainly 720p native with 24 – 30FPS although Wii U is now pushing out newer games with 1080p native with 30 – 40FPS(That new game code named X looks amazing) so Nintendo is already squeezing out juice I doubt Sony and MS wont soon as well.

  • mark@AW

    PS2, PS3, and now PS4. I’m very happy with my purchase. I think Microsoft loosing customers in gaming console industry, and eventually Microsoft will be defeated. Fact, PS3 has better game library over 360, and so PS4 game library will be bigger and better.

  • I have a PS4 and happy with it. I am looking forward to Watch Dogs and Destiny. I would love to see Sony get aggressive with the Firmware updates to unleash their true power. There are many features that still need to be unlocked and they should get them out as quickly as possible to continue their momentum. If they do it right, they will steamroll right through this generation and bring an incredible experience to all. Mind you, the XBox One is nothing to spit at which I am also excited about. The only disappointment I have with the “Next Gen” consoles is Nintendo. I understand them focusing on “gameplay” more than power but I think they’re making a big mistake this round by not coming up with something more unique. I expect that they will be hurting unless they are able to pull something out of their pocket and soon.