PS4 1.70 update release date disclosed

Earlier on this week we spoke about the imminent arrival of the highly anticipated PS4 1.70 update. Now, Sony has confirmed that it will be arriving very soon, but now we could have an early indication on when the exact PS4 1.70 update release date may be.

We can tell you that the latest whispers for the PS4 1.70 update release date suggest that the download will go live on April 30th. Sony has made no public statement about this, but clues were revealed here with the April 30th date specifically mentioned in reference to a new PS4 update.

While we wait for further confirmation on this, one new aspect of the PS4 1.70 firmware update which we can tell you about is PS4 ShareFactory.

This is the official name for the “rich media video editor” that was initially detailed by Sony. We can actually tell you that this feature has been in beta since February, but now is obviously ready for a final release.

Watch the included video below and you’ll see why this feature has been in the works since February. It actually looks very professional and is going to be a great addition to the PS4 feature list – especially given it’s a free application for everyone to enjoy.

Quietly but confidently, Sony is making the PS4 console a lot better with every update. Let us know your thoughts on ShareFactory and what other features you are hoping to see later this year.

Do you think April 30th is an accurate release date for the PS4 update 1.70 download?



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