GTA V 1.13 update wishlist

With GTA V 1.12 already live, many GTA V gamers on PS3 and Xbox 360 are expecting the forthcoming GTA V 1.13 update to come with a lot more content than 1.12. We know that the GTA V High Life Update is next, which will probably be the GTA V 1.13 patch and will add new vehicles as well as the highly requested demand for GTA V two garage ownership with two apartments simultaneously.

Remember that the High Life update is the second update of three updates to land in Spring. The first we have already had with the Capture Creator which went live at the end of last week with GTA V 1.12.

Next is the High Life update which is a big update that will bring three new vehicles, a new motorbike, multiple property ownership with two garages and other high-end apartment features.

We are expecting the GTA V High Life update release time to go live early next week and that GTA V 1.13 will arrive at the same time. After the High Life update is done, then we move on to the big one – GTA V Heists, with Rockstar finally giving millions of fans what they have been asking for since launch.

Going back to GTA V 1.13 though, what would you like Rockstar to address in the game on top of the features that we already know are coming with the High Life update?

Is there something that Rockstar has been missing out of their recent patches that you want to see fixed? Take a good look at the official GTA V 1.12 patch notes here and tell us your GTA V 1.13 wishlist to improve the game.



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