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Candy Crush Saga WeChat, QQ for China

Things are going to get very interesting indeed if you are already an addictive gamer living in China. If one of the most annoying games in the UK moves over to a country with 1.3 billion people, just imagine the chaos that is going to take place when Candy Crush Saga arrives in China.

It is going to be a reality very soon, as we’ve just had confirmation that Tencent games will be partnering with King Digital Entertainment to make it happen.

Even better, Candy Crush in China will be available via the popular WeChat and QQ apps. This should eliminate the problem where Chinese players don’t have the option of playing Candy Crush via Facebook – as the website is blocked in the country.

By having WeChat on board, it then means that players can play the game through the app using WeChat – the country’s version of Whatsapp, to gain ‘extra lives’ from other players in China.

The same process will apply with QQ, so it looks like Candy Crush is set to dominate the country in the near future. You won’t need us to remind you how annoying it is to receive daily Facebook requests from Candy Crush players, so it will be interesting to see what the reaction will be in China.

Are you surprised that it took this long for Candy Crush to make it over to the world’s largest country?



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