Watch Dogs PC Ultra specs an easy choice Vs console

If you are planning to play Watch Dogs on PC, we have some important information for you to take down. Ubisoft has finally announced the Watch Dogs Ultra PC requirements, letting you know what kind of hardware you need to play the open-world game in its most impressive form.

With Watch Dogs releasing globally on May 27, many gamers are braced for the game which could end up being one of the most graphically impressive of the year.

We had the controversy surrounding the next-gen graphics for the game which you can read about here, but for PC gamers there is no such problem at all. Watch Dogs is set to look breathtaking on PC and now we know what you’ll need to play the game on ultra.

Ubisoft creative director for the game Jonathin Morin has revealed the news as you can see above, confirming that you’ll need an Intel Core i7-4770K processor with a GeForce 780 graphics card to run on ultra mode.

The PC video in which Morin is referring to can be seen below. We think you’ll agree that the graphics shown are much more along the lines in which you were expecting from the ultra version, compared to recent console versions that Ubisoft has shown.

Does this give you a clear mind that the PC version of Watch Dogs is the only version you need?



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