PS4 1.70 update countdown

By Alan Ng - Apr 16, 2014

Last week we told you that a new PS4 update was coming, with Sony officially confirming the next firmware to be the PS4 1.70 update. During that time we have seen Microsoft release their Xbox One April update, but now it looks like Sony may be ready to go live within the next few days.

We’re willing to bet that some of you are checking your PS4 update settings each day to ensure that you find out about PS4 1.70 the minute it goes live. Sony would make a lot of gamers happy if they were to announce a set PS4 1.70 release time, but we’re guessing that the finishing touches are still being made.

What we can tell you though is some new intel from an apparent insider. This insider has left a post on Neogaf to say that the update will be happening next week. Furthermore, he’s also lifted the lid on a potential new feature that could be coming and hasn’t been mentioned in the initial PS4 1.70 feature list.

This feature is PS4 game sorting, which now could make its way into 1.70. Another notable feature that could be coming is Friends List stability, although this is more on the tweaking side of things rather than new functionality.

Don’t forget that these two potential areas are already on top of existing features that we know are coming – these include HDCP off, 720p support for Twitch, a rich media video editor and the option to save Share content to an external USB, rather than the PS4 HDD.

The countdown is now on to PS4 1.70 and we have a feeling that it could come on Tuesday April 22. Let us know your thoughts on the impending update and if you are happy with the changes coming.

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  • Isaiahmag

    Finally I can record! 😀

  • jesterking

    No DLNA? Most of the listed features are pretty bland… Yeah, their going after the most demanded features!! Um, wut? The outcry for DNLA and MP3 support is the loudest out of any other feature. Why does Sony continue to ignore that? Sure they said it’s coming, but that was 6 months ago. It doesn’t take a team of programmers 6 months to code a DLNA media player…

    Lame. I get the feeling they are holding off for E3 for these features. June couldn’t come fast enough!