Minecraft PS4 release date prolonged by PS3

The wait for the glorious Minecraft PS4 release date continues to elude gamers. The Minecraft PS4 Edition has been in heavy demand since the console launched last year, but unfortunately it looks like PS4 owners are set for a further wait.

However, there can be no denying that developers 4J Studios are still hard at work on the game. This week, we bring confirmation that the PS4 Edition is still without a release date, but that is due to the fact that 4J Studios have just wrapped up work on a disc version of Minecraft PS3.

Previously, you could only play Minecraft on PS3 with a digital copy, but now you’ll be able to buy a disc version on On May 14. The developers have reassured PS3 owners that the disc version will come with all Xbox 360 Minecraft content, including the latest content that has just arrived with Minecraft update 14.

Back to the missing PS4 version though, as 4J Studios still found the time to deliver the following teaser. Pay close attention to the back of the image and you’ll see that the PS4 version is being played on the televsion.

4J Studios sure knows how to tease everybody, but lets hope that the Minecraft PS4 release date will come within weeks rather than months. If it ends up being the PS Plus June 2014 update free game to celebrate E3, we wouldn’t mind waiting for that as well – how does that sound to you?



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