Microsoft Surface Mini Vs iPad Mini revived

By Alan Ng - Apr 16, 2014

With some consumers settling for the iPad Mini as their tablet of choice in the home, others are looking at alternatives this Summer that offers a different experience to iOS. Not for the first time, we’ve heard that Microsoft may be stepping up to offer consumers this choice, with the availability of an Microsoft Surface Mini tablet.

Back in May of 2013, we talked about the possibility of a Microsoft Surface Mini on the market, but unfortunately it never arrived. It would be fantastic to at least have the option, which is why we welcome the return of new rumors suggesting that it will now happen in Summer 2014.

An 8-inch Microsoft Surface Mini is supposedly coming, and will feature the same design as its bigger brothers, according to whispers from Neowin. It will have an emphasis on note-taking and could come with an included stylus pen and support for Wacom digitizers.

Would you welcome a Surface Mini to your home?

Would you welcome a Surface Mini to your home?

The traditional Surface Pro 2 is a great tablet, but one of the biggest problems is its rather high asking price. If Microsoft price this rumored 8-inch Surface Mini right, then they could have a winner on their hands – especially if it can run traditional PC applications like the Pro series.

Still though, this is a rumor so should be treated as such. Let us know if you would be willing to buy a Surface Mini though, should it become available this Summer.

How much would you be willing to pay for one, considering the iPad Mini price is set at $399 right now?

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  • Sam

    Since my Samsung Tab 7 died I have been waiting for a Windows 7-8″ tablet that supports 4G/LTE, I don’t care is it’s RT or not, but I prefer the RT

  • paulsmithkeitley

    Dell and Toshiba already have 8″ Windows devices that are sub- £200

    • Danny Dodge

      The Dell venue 8 pro is amazing

      • brandonliveuh

        Not so much, It had the right idea and excellent design. But the active digitizer support is crap. The screen often registers a single tap as a double tap. Not so much a problem for anyone expecting a pure media consumption device. But for those of us who want a superb note taking experience (which the Surface Mini is rumored to aspire to)… it’s un-usable.

        • Danny Dodge

          It’s a full pc in your pocket – not a media consumption device like an iPad… If all you wanted it for is the pen, well, I can’t comment as I have no use for the pen, but I replaced my PC and laptop with it and couldn’t be happier, whether working r enjoying.

    • esail

      not to mention Lenovo, that miix is pretty good.

  • William Worlde

    Perhaps. Currently, I’ve got a Surface Pro and really like it. I also have the Lenovo Miix and am happy with that too. So really, there isn’t a need for another; but you know how it goes….
    To make it a winner for me, and entice me to replace my Miix, I’d prefer if MS wait for the new USB standard. Then, they can combine that with micro-HDMI so they can “thin” it as much as possible (but keeping the same design), bringing it close to the Miix’s weight. Oh, and let’s not forget to have it charge via the USB port.
    Of course, it’d be running 8.1 Pro Update 1 out of the box. It should have a minimum 64GB storage, 2GB RAM, and micro SD. A 1280 resolution on an 8″ screen is pretty good.
    Anything less than the above and I’m keeping my Miix!

    • esail

      how is the battery life on your miix? I am thinking of getting one( that or the surface mini).

      • Danny Dodge

        I haven’t tried the miix but the lenovo wp8pro tablets I’ve tried have really good battery life (better than surface pro 1st gen) but the dell venue pro 8 has a decent old battery in it too 🙂