Temple Run 3 plea following dreary update

Today sees a Temple Run 2 update, which brings with it a few new features and improvements, one of which is a new Easter theme. However, the biggest addition in this update is Cloud support. This is all well and good, but to us and fans, these features are dreary and there is now a plea for Imangi Studios to announce Temple Run 3.

Looking at the release cycle between Temple Run and the second version, we still have a little wait, but only if you go on the iOS versions of the game. Android users have waited longer between updates, but are we now ready for a Temple Run 3 release?

The simple answer would be yes because this franchise is not what it once was, but then again, this is nothing new because Angry Birds is not what it used to be either. It is hard to judge if a new Temple Run will be as successful as previous versions, especially as people’s taste changes and crave for something different.

With this in mind, we have to wonder where Imangi Studios could go with Temple Run 3, as its formula is dictated by the name of the game?

Predicted Temple Run 3 release date – Looking in more detail on the release cycle, the first game was released in August 2011, then the second 17 months later. With this in mind that could mean we could see a Temple Run 3 release this June. This is going on the iOS release cycle of the app, but then again, the Android version of Temple Run 2 was released 8 days after the iOS version.



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