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LastPass app cures Heartbleed virus

If you are looking for further protection measures against the Heartbleed bug that has got many consumers worried, we think we have found the perfect app to help you. It’s called LastPass for Android and iPhone, a service that offers an easy way to manage passwords across all of your browsing activity.

LastPass is not a brand new app, but it has recently come to the forefront once again after the Heartbleed OpenSSL risk that has hit the headlines in recent weeks.

The app can auto fill in your login and password details across any website, including your Gmail login, Facebook login and Netflix login details. The app works cleverly in the background, appearing as a brief pop-up on screen whenever you want LastPass to fill in your password information.

LastPass can also be used to generate new passwords at ease, in bulk format – highly useful at the moment with recommendations from security experts to update all popular user passwords after the Heartbleed saga first broke.

LastPass is available now in trial format on both Android and iOS on iPhone or iPad. Many consumers are saying that the fee is well worth it once the trial is up and you may find yourself dependant on LastPass for all of your password requirements.

Watch the LastPass tutorial video that we have added below and let us know if you have used this app. For those that say LastPass still isn’t safe – do you disagree?



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