Gmail mobile update has a catch

Google Plus has come a long way in a short amount of time, but then with the backing of the biggest search engine along with the company trying many different ways to get in on the social networking action, something was bound to stick. Another way that has helped with the success with Google+ is by integrating other services, one of which is Gmail.

On Monday Google issued an update to Gmail, but only for the mobile version. If you backup your photos on your smartphone or tablet with Google Plus, you can now add them with Gmail messages faster than before.

You now have the option to insert a variety of images or photo albums direct within your email, where you will also be able to resize them while in messages. From there you can also share with your family and friends. This whole process will save a heap of time.

We mentioned that this Gmail update comes with a catch, and that would be that you have to use the Auto Backup feature for photos within Google Plus.

Google seems to be staggering this update, as not everyone has been able to use the feature, although we are told that it will be made available to all Google Plus accounts at some stage today.



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