COD Ghosts Soap DLC tension

By Alan Ng - Apr 15, 2014

Something very exciting may be on the way to Call of Duty Ghosts soon. Developers Infinity Ward have sent out a tease this week, suggesting that those who have been waiting to see COD Ghosts Soap DLC for a long time, may finally get their wish.

Although nothing is confirmed yet, we do know that infamous character John “Soap” MacTavish will be coming to the game in some form or another. The most likely scenario of this, is that Soap will enter in a new COD Ghosts DLC Legends pack.

This is the same format in which Infinity Ward were able to bring Captain Price to the game, so we expect that this is what Infinity Ward are teasing here.

Soap is easily one of the most popular characters in the franchise, so we have a feeling that many of you will be willing to buy this pack should it become available.

If Soap is coming in a new COD Ghosts Legends pack, then it also means that we can expect to see new soldier skins, reticules and weapon camos as well.

As we await further news from Infinity Ward, give us your reaction to this. Are you happy to pay to play as Soap in COD Ghosts?

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  • Noctis

    The only part I dont like, is nowadays people dont realize, that back in the day, we didnt have any DLC. It was up to modders and hackers to do something fun, even then, it was PC- only. Before that? No internet multiplayer. Split-screen only.

    I love this new generation of DLC. I can keep playing my games longer than what they would have. Some games left it specifically to be cut. This is bad. BUT Just because they had an Idea before the game was finished, does not mean that it is an unfinished product.

    With this Iteration I can see the only tension rising… Quite a few have quit, not because of the game, the players themselves.

    Its kind of sad really… how few people can think introspectively, regardless of what their doing, while the rest of them dumb the world down because we all like to think were pro’s and never want to admit when we got beat.

    • Noctis

      And the theme song is called “Survival”- this irony is almost too great for me to handle.

      Those who cannot adapt to the world changing around them are bound to die out.

      Those who cannot adapt to the (game play) around them are bound to go (To a different game, because to them, the GAME is the problem, not their shitty skills.)