COD Ghosts Soap DLC tension

Something very exciting may be on the way to Call of Duty Ghosts soon. Developers Infinity Ward have sent out a tease this week, suggesting that those who have been waiting to see COD Ghosts Soap DLC for a long time, may finally get their wish.

Although nothing is confirmed yet, we do know that infamous character John “Soap” MacTavish will be coming to the game in some form or another. The most likely scenario of this, is that Soap will enter in a new COD Ghosts DLC Legends pack.

This is the same format in which Infinity Ward were able to bring Captain Price to the game, so we expect that this is what Infinity Ward are teasing here.

Soap is easily one of the most popular characters in the franchise, so we have a feeling that many of you will be willing to buy this pack should it become available.

If Soap is coming in a new COD Ghosts Legends pack, then it also means that we can expect to see new soldier skins, reticules and weapon camos as well.

As we await further news from Infinity Ward, give us your reaction to this. Are you happy to pay to play as Soap in COD Ghosts?



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