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Ultimate Warrior on WWE Network, Raw Night

The Ultimate Warrior’s death has impacted a lot of people it’s fair to say and it’s nice to see such a positive reaction to the man who gave so much to the wrestling business – even if some in the Warrior’s words did not ‘get it’.

It referring to the Warrior’s larger than life persona in the ring of course, a memory that will live on and be etched in our memories forever. Those who grew up on the heydays of the WWF will remember Warrior’s infamous rope shaking, muscle tightening arm tassels and trademark promos – especially whenever ‘Hulk Kogan’ was mentioned.

Although the Warrior has passed away, it makes us very happy to see that there are numerous tributes being planned by his former employers. After having an initial ‘Ultimate Warrior night’ on the WWE Network app, we can confirm that there are several other Ultimate Warrior tributes that are on the way.

First up is official Ultimate Warrior night that will take place on WWE Raw on Monday night. Details of the event are partly unknown, but it’s set to be an unmissable night if you consider yourself a big fan of the Warrior.

Interviews from current superstars giving their thoughts on the great man will then make their way to the WWE Network app on Android and iOS, giving those unable to watch Raw a chance to see some of the tribute.

Don’t worry if you miss that too, as we also hear that during the week, there will be another special tribute on the WWE Network app called Warrior: The Ultimate Legend. It’s great to see a proper tribute for one of WWE’s stars who arguably carried the company in the early 90’s along with Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage.

Let us know if you will be tuning in to the Ultimate Warrior tribute, using the WWE Network app on iOS and Android. Don’t forget that you can also view the WWE Network app via the PS4 and Xbox One – don’t miss it.



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