Pokemon X and Y Diancie September fears

While a lot of Pokemon X and Y gamers already have access to the new Pokemon Diancie via PowerSaves, there are obviously still many who are waiting to get their hands on the new Rock/Fairy type by legitimate means.

Unfortunately though, this isn’t going to be an easy task. We told you not too long ago that the only way so far to get a Diancie was in Japan, by pre-ordering a movie ticket to see the new Pokemon movie which Diancie stars in.

Players had hoped that Game Freak would see sense and announce a Pokemon X and Y Diancie event for US and UK distribution. Skip forward to today though and it looks like this is still going to be a long shot.

We now have new information which suggests that Diancie may not come to the US and UK until September. Over in Japan, the official dates have now been announced to acquire Diancie – these being from July 19 to September 30.

Obviously there isn’t a confirmation at this point that there won’t be a Summer release in US and UK, but why else would Japan announce these specific dates for Diancie?

Game Freak are becoming infamous for their silence when it comes to Pokemon X and Y, but let’s hope they come out and give everyone hope that a Western Diancie release is still possible.

Dare we say it, but do you think it could also be a type of ‘punishment’ for the amount of players who have hacked their way to Diancie early before everyone else? Give us your thoughts on the wait.



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