H1Z1 PS4 game fulfils zombies fix

PS4 gamers may not be able to get their Black Ops 3 zombies fix this year, but we can tell you that this fix can be obtained in other ways. H1Z1 is a zombie MMORPG that is on the way in 2014 and it is looking like a game that could turn out to be a massive success for Sony.

H1Z1 is being developed by Sony Online Entertainment, but will be released first on PC and then PS4 afterwards towards the end of the year. Being an MMORPG is cause for great excitement on PS4, but it gets better when we tell you what this entails.

The H1Z1 game download is also going to be free to play, but supported by micro-transactions. Before you get worried, Sony has already promised that the game won’t adopt a ‘pay to win’ like many others (Playdom’s Avengers Alliance for example) and it won’t require a subscription either.

While the wait for the game is going to be painful, especially for zombie fanatics, we’re guessing that Sony Online Entertainment will be making the wait a less agonizing one with regular HZN1 PS4 news updates.

For now, we leave you with the first gameplay teaser in which SOE President John Smedley takes you through some basic gameplay mechanics. The idea of an open world zombie game with real player freedom sounds too good to be true.

Dead Nation on PS4 is fun, but this is going to be a completely different experience. As we await more details, let us know if you are really pumped up for the H1Z1 game.

Are you a fan of the free-with-micro-transaction model?



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