GTA V High Life update car preview

By Alan Ng - Apr 14, 2014

With Rockstar now releasing the Capture Creator update for GTA V, attention has now shifted towards the highly anticipated GTA V High Life update. We don’t know the release date for this new content yet, but we do know that it will give players access to some fantastic new cars.

You may not know it yet, but the cars included with the GTA V High Life patch have actually been leaked before. Back at the start of March we told you that three new cars were coming to GTA V and they were the Pegassi Zentorno, Dewbauchee Massacro and Enus Huntley.

Now, we can confirm that these three cars are coming with the High Life update and Rockstar has actually given some hints as to what these cars will look like.

The image you see above finally gives us a solid look at the Pegassi Zentorno, which is the car on the right in red. Notice the massive grills on the front which you may or may not like, plus another look at the car from the side in the image below.

Another tease of the new cars in the High Life update.

Another tease of the new cars in the High Life update.

We can also tell you that the Zentorno will belong to the GTA V Super Car class, rather than the Sports Car class as previously suggested. In the first image to the left, this yellow motor is actually the Dewbauchee Massacro which has been based off the real-life Aston Martin series.

The black model which you can see at the very back should be the Enus Huntley, which Rockstar seemingly predicts won’t be as popular as the Zentorno or Massacro.

One vehicle that we haven’t seen at all yet though is the Dinka Thrust, which will be the brand new motorcycle that players can also buy with the GTA V High Life update. It could turn out to be one of the best motorcycles in the game, which is perhaps why Rockstar are not giving any clues on its price or design just yet.

Which car are you looking forward to the most with the High Life update? What are your predictions for prices?

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    If u notice the top pic red is the Zentorno the bottom is the entity


    The red car in the garage is obviously the Entity and the Zentorno is based off of the Sesto Elemento, not the Aston Martin Vanquish. People are so stupid

    • Dylan Alves Walker

      The zentorno is based off the lamborghini veneno

      • Papzak

        no if on this pic it does but on the new pics it defenitly looks more like a sesto elemento

  • Ha gayyy

    Dude are you retarded the red car that was in the back right hand corner in the pic was the entity xf not the zentorno

    • billythekid

      dude are you retarded, he states in the first image not the garage shot

      • THE KNOWN

        “So, uh, the Pegassi Zentorno is the red car in the back and you can see that’s what it looks like on the side…” Yes, he was referring to the garage picture.

  • Jack Balls

    Quit making these gay ass super cars, bring in some trucks and 90’s era cars. Every supercar is the same, absolutely tasteless.

    • RainboSandvich

      The Huntley could be an interesting vehicle, it looks a bit like a brand new Mercedes truck

  • CJF317

    Am I the only one that noticed the huge grill on the red car isn’t the same as the second picture? The second red car is obviously the Entity

    • Jay

      Second car isn’t modded. Look at the headlights they’re the same car.

      • Ha gayyy

        Look at the grill though on the red car it’s totally different

      • THE KNOWN

        The shape is totally different and please don’t hit me with that “It’s a body modification” bull.

  • Jesobdafiveten

    I think it will come out on 4/20 also known as easter.if not that day the the next day or day after that

  • Ethan Johnson

    I wonder if it comes out today.

  • Mr Woodz

    When does this release?

    • Ha gayyy

      My guess is 4/20 cause it’s called the high life

  • Michael Isaacs


  • Nick

    Great, more vehicles to purchase, yet not enough space to store them …

    • buck

      The high life update will include multiple property ownership as well, so you will be able to own 2 separate 10 car garages… should be plenty for most people.

      • Spartanking300x

        I have a level 139 and 86 so I’ll be able to have a total of 40 cars that should be good enough to collect all the cars worth a damn in the game.

      • BQ

        I think they are talking about the campaign there is next to no space

    • Seth Valentino

      I was thinking that

    • Steven Scherdt

      Or cash to make fast enough

    • Jesobdafiveten

      In the high life update you’re gonna be able to purchase another house that has a 10 car garage for 10 more cars for you to store

      • Nick

        That’s quite a relief … however, I wish I would’ve known this prior to selling my Roosevelt to make room for another vehicle. Oh well — didn’t really use it too much anyway; it was more of a collection piece.

        I appreciate the further information.

  • Spartanking300x

    Definitely the massacro that car is heavily based off the sexy Aston Martin vanquish.

  • Kevin Alan Ashcroft

    Gta 5 needs to be on next gen console it will be boss and I have xbox one and I want gta 5 to be on xbox one and ps4 hope so

  • Ben Dover

    Lol people keep saying the red car in the garage is the zentorno lolol its obviously the entity

    • Kristopher S

      That doesn’t look like the Entity, because it’s more of a compact supercar. The Entity has a lowered roof compared to these cars.

      • Furkan

        You really are blind…that car is obviously an Entity.

        • thegoron

          It’s an Entity.

      • Keir Boyko

        it is u worthless piece of blubbery whatever trevor philips says. that is the entity, u must b blind, ur a waste of space, dude, u make me want to have a lobotomy, u make me want to emmigrate,

        • Cameron macleod

          Gta geek alert someone obviously plays it too much

    • Cameron macleod

      No it is the zentorno with no customizations

  • These guys are stupid… The SUV behind the cars is clearly the Obey Rocoto…

    • Marshall King

      How true and the left car in the lower picture isnt even the zentorno its the massacro, youre totally right. These guys are stupid and blind at the same time…

    • appleseed

      I belive they meant in the second picture

      • buck

        No they didn’t. They mistook the obey rocoto for a new car, lol.

      • Keir Boyko

        nah he is right, it is the obey rocoto, the huntley looks bulkier than this.

      • Keir Boyko

        also want to add, the huntley in gta v is now called the baller and a 2nd baller which has the same headlights as it did in gta san andreas.