Google Search site ranking to improve for some

Google is always making changes to its search algorithm and there is talk that another update is on its way, although we doubt it will be any time soon. Matt Cutts is thought to be in talks about favoring Google Search site ranking for those who implement decent encryption.

It is Cutts vision to help cut down on spam in the search results, and while we have seen Google try this over the years, there are still plenty of spam websites out there that should not come up in the search results.

According to WSJ, this is still in the early stages, but it would seem to favor web designers more who have a greater understanding of developing a less spammy website. Some people believe that this upcoming algorithm change could be since the Heartbleed bug, but we can’t see it being down to just that alone.

Like we said, this is still in the early stages, and so Google has yet to make any official announcement on this. However, we don’t expect it will be too long before we start to read more about this in forums, and Google Blogs, such as how they plan to make the changes, and what web developers can do in order to be favoured in these all-important search results.

Do you think this is the best way to help improve search results, or do you have a better idea?



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