Toyota recall checker, 3-step process for UK

The 2014 Toyota voluntary recall is one of the biggest ever in the auto industry and affects a variety of Toyota vehicles from around the world. The UK has been hit hard by this recall because while this isn’t a big country, they do seem to have a huge share of affected vehicles.

As a way to help guide you through this 2014 Toyota recall, the Japanese car manufacturer has updated its recall checker UK page to now include a 3-step process to make things a little easier for you.

This Toyota recall checker includes details on the latest round of recalls, which now includes the Yaris and Urban Cruiser. These vehicles have issues with their steering column brackets and seat rail springs. However, this tool also allows you to see if your Toyota is included in past recalls.

Toyota recall checker

Before you start the process of checking to see if your car is affected by a recall, we ask that you have your VIN to hand, this is either found on your logbook or on the vehicle itself.

3-step process – First of all, you will need to enter your registration number and then press the check button to the right of the page above. If your vehicle might be included in the recall, then the next step would be to give more details on your vehicle, and the third and final step is confirmation of your recall and what action will be taken.

Remember, this is only for those of you in the UK, although we offered details for those of you affected by this latest Toyota recall in the US.

If you live in the UK and would like more information on the new Toyota recall, then we ask that you contact your local dealer. You can locate these here.



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