PS4 1.70 update excitement

By Alan Ng - Apr 11, 2014

While the PS4 continues to bring gamers a lot of joy, it’s no secret that the console did not launch with some features that were expected. Sony has promised to bring some of these features at a gradual stage, some of which we now know will come in the forthcoming PS4 1.70 update.

Sony has decided to bump the firmware right up to PS4 1.70 when the next update arrives, which is a jump from PS4 1.62 which we are currently on at the moment.

As most of you are well aware, the PS4 launched without features such as 3D Blu-Ray support, MP3 playback, DLNA, a native YouTube app and the option to playback media from an external USB.

Unfortunately, these features are still pending but Sony will be offering some worthwhile features with PS4 1.70 to at least show work in progress. These have been confirmed in a Tweet below by Chris Owen – UK community manager for PlayStation Europe.

These are the features that we initially thought would arrive with PS4 1.63. Now we now however that they will instead arrive with PS4 1.70. The HDCP and external Share features are a very nice touch indeed and should make a lot of PS4 gamers happy.

What we think would be a really nice feature would be to allow screenshots captured with the Share button, to be sent directly to an email. Facebook and Twitter is good, but Sony should work at extending these options as it’s always good to have an alternative.

With PS4 1.70 around the corner, let us know what you would most like to see on your new next-gen console.

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  • Luuuuuuuuuuuuuke

    C’Mon, it’s not just a games console but meant to be an all in one. The ACTUAL gameplay is WORSE on a PS4, the Bluray play back is ACTUALY WORSE on a PS4 and 3D blurays can’t ACTUALY be played on a PS4…..why did I change my perfectly perfect PS3??? why oh why!!!

  • Michael Pettigrew

    DLNA. DLNA. DLNA. 99% of anybody posting what they want with the next update says DLNA. It was in the old console, why remove it!

  • Andy

    I’m waiting until I can stream content from my Plex server before upgrading from the PS3. No DNLA was a major let down so let’s see it soon please Sony.

  • olivers

    3d please… It a shame… Im reconsidering my ps4 i should have go xbox…. You made something weaker than ps3…. Ps4 suck

  • Michael Gierdowski

    DLNA, DLNA, and um….DLNA


    ok, please DLNA. Neeeeed DLNA

  • trueblog

    DLNA Please !!!!

  • MediaEnthusiast

    Won’t touch a PS4 without DLNA support. Guess Sony doesn’t need my $400+.

  • Extensionist


  • Johannes


  • foulkey

    Cant believe i sold my ps3 to get a ps4. No 3D support is whack. Dont think it will even playback a simple CD!!! Come on sony, listen to the people.

  • Nick Kashab

    How hard is it to just enable 3D support. Its a pathetic move really, the hardware is all there, all they need to do is enable it. Also, a streaming app that can connect to server clients as well as iTunes and NAS’s. Come on Sony, I know you’re aiming at gaming focus but give us some media connectivity.

  • MJR


  • Fesoferbex

    When PS4 supports CD and MP3, Sony will get my money, until then I stick with my PS3.

  • rockets_all_the_way

    Like really…. Just add 3d support already and stop actin like morons



  • tunnelhead

    I will not buy a PS4 without DLNA support. It’s just that simple.

  • Andrew Puckett

    DLNA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nenito2k .

    SONY is joking !!!! what the HELL is this machine ?!! ps3 is so much BETTER !!! WE WANT DLNA+ 3D bluray !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the rest is CRAP ! i will not get a ps4 until i see those features…that have been on ps3 since 2008 !!!!!!!!!

    • nakedpuppies

      how about you shut the hell up

    • Allan Cabrera

      Good because we don’t need a bunch of b*tchers on the PS4.

  • Andy Weller

    this is the reason my money is still in my pocket. Won’t be buying the PS4 until it has at least the features my old PS3 has.

  • jake

    Ps4 crap without 3D this is a bunch off bull my ps3 did way more wish I wouldn’t have sold it to get my pile of ps4

    • Allan Cabrera

      The amount of people actually watching 3D is minimal, they are in no hurry to enable 3D, lets get DLNA services enabled, and then we can focus on 3D.

  • ExStreamly Patient


  • Dan

    When will we get 3D? This is what we want, come on Sony

    • matthew

      3D sucks anyways

      • bradley012345

        Aye I didn’t buy a 3d tv not to use it. But come on Sony MP3 support we can liaten to music during game on that unlimited crap but you don’t have all my favorite kinds of music on there

      • Nick Kashab

        Your opinion mate.

  • Justin Williams

    They need to update the camera features I didn’t want to buy and xbox but was sure as hell thinking about it just be ause of the gap it has with the camera

  • sethmos

    3d is the main thing I’m looking for. I don’t even know what some of those other thing are or how to use them……and I don’t care. I do care about the 3d.

  • bradis666

    Make me and 99% happy ffs

  • Rich Cee

    Would love to be able to put a music disk in and a usb drive to store my music! I Am NOT going to use music unlimited! And 3D Blu Ray.

    • Drruan Medhi

      I feel like starting a kickstarter, so I can buy the PlayStation devkit in order to create a Media app that plays CD’s and movies and music from thumb drives. But I have a feeling that if I create it an update will beat me to it and ill be broke

  • aldogti

    I want 3d playback

  • Ste Mach

    Still waiting for 3d blu ray support ..

  • N3M3S1S75

    The ability to store and play games from an external HD, the ability to download movies from PSN rather then just stream them.

  • sampson3121

    there are a few features missing i wanted to have,taking control of someones games was one i was looking forward to,

  • Josh101

    Well, I thought this was an article on an update that released today. Damnit.

  • David Lee

    Yawn. This is non news to me. Not having DLNA is an epic fail and needs to be resolved quickly.

  • David Lee

    Yawn. This is non news to me. Not having DLNA is an epic fail and needs to be resolved quickly.

  • greenbudman

    I would be happy with a date.