GTA V Capture Creator update release time

Many of you had expected Rockstar to include the Capture Creator for Jobs in the GTA V 1.12 update, but as most of you have found out this wasn’t the case. Fortunately, Rockstar won’t keep you waiting much longer as we can confirm that the GTA V Capture Creator update will be going live for everyone in time for the weekend.

Even better, the update is just hours away as Rockstar has confirmed on their website that it will be going live some time on Friday. While there is no set Capture Creator release time yet, we’re guessing it go live early morning UK time as that’s usually when we see Rockstar deploy their updates.

As a reminder, once the update is live you’ll be able to create your Capture Creator Jobs in a choice of four different areas – these are Contend, GTA, Hold and Raid.

As a further treat, you can play some of the official Capture Creator Jobs right now to earn double the amount of GTA cash and RP – this should be available until the update goes live.

Obviously at that point you’ll be creating your own custom jobs in the hope that Rockstar verifies it with official status so that it can be included on the GTA V Social Club for everyone to see and enjoy.

Let us know your thoughts on the incoming Capture Creator Jobs update for GTA V. Do you have the skills to create a job that everyone will want to play?

Do you see the update right now in your area?



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