Clash of Clans: Clan Wars recruitment

By Alan Ng - Apr 11, 2014

After weeks of waiting, the wait is finally over as the highly anticipated Clash of Clans: Clan Wars update is now live. Players are now able to engage in full clan vs clan showdowns and if you are looking to advertise your clan for recruitment, here is the place.

As you may have noticed, the launch of the new Clash of Clans update hasn’t gone completely to plan. There has been some Clash of Clans problems reported, particularly involving matchmaking after installing the update.

It can take up to one hour to get into a single match we’ve found, which obviously isn’t good when you just want to jump on and play. Luckily, the developers are right on top of the situation and are constantly working to improve gameplay experience and manage the busy traffic following on from the update.

While this takes place, it is the perfect time to advertise your clan if you are looking for new players. Two clans that have already been mentioned to us are the ‘Dawolfpack’ team and the ‘Island Boys 2’ team, but we’re sure you have already been searching to see what suits you best.

As you can see above, many users are also taking to Twitter to advertise their clans in hope of boosting numbers ahead of an epic showdown.

If you are having fun with the Clash of Clans: Clan Wars update, feel free to advertise your clan below in the comments.

Do you think you have the best clan? Let’s see what you can come up with.

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  • Mike

    Join clan rock Ed free elder red flag anyone can join! Look for mikemoy1234

  • Not Ben Webber

    Join goofy goobers if you are town hall 6 or higher and level 40 or higher

  • joecool520

    Join my clan dabossnegz! Open to anyone just be friendly and we will donate any troops you want to help you out as long as you donate troops back!