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Windows 8.1 problems after update

How is your Windows 8.1 experience so far after updating to the latest version of Microsoft’s software? Many users have praised the new update, but some have encountered various Windows 8.1 problems that are causing considerable frustration.

Aside from the fact that there is no traditional Windows 8.1 Start Button, consumers have been finding out a few other issues with the software that they hope Microsoft intends to fix in a future patch update.

We’ve also seen many consumers complain about frequent “Windows Explorer has stopped working” error messages in Windows 8.1, while in some cases we’ve also seen some instances of Windows 8.1 not going into sleep mode when requested to.

You may have heard that the arrival of Windows 8.1 has also been met with the termination of Windows XP support. Given that there are some early bugs with Windows 8.1, this has led to some humorous comments on social media, calling for Windows XP to make a speedy return.

Some consumers have also specifically complained about having issues with Windows 8.1 Mail and Calendar apps upon start-up immediately after installing the Windows 8.1 update.

Hopefully all of the problems can be fixed in time. If you are just getting started with Windows 8.1, let us know your experiences so far.

What problems have you seen personally?



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