Windows 8.1 problems after update

By Alan Ng - Apr 10, 2014

How is your Windows 8.1 experience so far after updating to the latest version of Microsoft’s software? Many users have praised the new update, but some have encountered various Windows 8.1 problems that are causing considerable frustration.

Aside from the fact that there is no traditional Windows 8.1 Start Button, consumers have been finding out a few other issues with the software that they hope Microsoft intends to fix in a future patch update.

We’ve also seen many consumers complain about frequent “Windows Explorer has stopped working” error messages in Windows 8.1, while in some cases we’ve also seen some instances of Windows 8.1 not going into sleep mode when requested to.

You may have heard that the arrival of Windows 8.1 has also been met with the termination of Windows XP support. Given that there are some early bugs with Windows 8.1, this has led to some humorous comments on social media, calling for Windows XP to make a speedy return.

Some consumers have also specifically complained about having issues with Windows 8.1 Mail and Calendar apps upon start-up immediately after installing the Windows 8.1 update.

Hopefully all of the problems can be fixed in time. If you are just getting started with Windows 8.1, let us know your experiences so far.

What problems have you seen personally?

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  • This is why I just stuck with stock windows 8 and Classic Shell…never trust the Microsoft Updates, its been like that for a long time in my experience.

  • Tere

    I now have my screen name on the task bar. I DON’T NEED IT THERE. I know who I am. (I don’t use the app screen at all, desktop I HATE the app screen, probably because I don’t have a touch screen on either of my machines.) I cannot get rid of it. At least (apparently) my file history and indexing have returned, but I’m going to do a fresh install anyway and NOT update. I don’t see anything in this update that I like. Nothing at all!

  • twoElectric

    When the computer is supposed to go into sleep mode, it actually turns off and requires disk scan when restarting. No dump logs either, so it doesn’t know it’s crashing.

  • sailor3rd

    Problem with USB 3.0 External HDD that keeps disconnecting. This was fixed in win 8.1 in January 2014, but the same problem is back. Also lots of application hanging and never comes back, a reboot is needed. As example when Acronis backup loose the communication with the external HDD, the application is (not responding) and the screen gray out. You need to reboot as it never come back.

  • mike

    I can only sometimes open links in ie. I can’t change my lockscreen.

  • Racevedo88

    I started having open gl problems, video kernel crashes, and artifacts on my running programs since my 8.1 update 1 install 9 crashes in 24 hours , i had 0 in the previous. Obtw this crashes occurred with both the last stable ge force build and the current beta version 337.50 runnin an asus g73 with 460m video card

  • Rev Cynner

    I gave up trying to install 8.1 on my tower. Had no problems on my laptop, but the tower install corrupted my printer drivers, caused all pre-installed apps to disappear, and deleted my libraries. I had to do a system restore. Microsoft needs to fix the 8.1 update.