Nintendo Direct April 2014 replay

Everyone initially were skeptical about Nintendo’s decision to skip E3 events in order of going their own way with miniature Nintendo Direct events. Now, nobody is making fun as these Direct events are making many fans happy, especially now that the Nintendo Direct April 2014 has finished airing.

Even better, this event was entirely devoted to the Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS, a game that is undoubtedly going to become Nintendo’s next big hope in terms of selling Wii U hardware.

We hope it does too as the game is looking absolutely fantastic. If you enjoyed previous games in the series, it is already looking like a must-buy and you are going to love what Nintendo brought to the tablet with the Smash Bros Direct event.

Watch the video below to see the whole thing – 40 minutes of action that will reveal a lot of new content for the game, including two new Pokemon characters in Charizard and Greninja. If you prefer, you can also click to view the video on YouTube, as Nintendo has even provided a list of contents, allowing viewers to skip to key moments for an easier viewing experience.

This has to be one of Nintendo’s best Direct events. We can’t wait to see the one that fully goes into detail on the next Wii U Zelda game. Watch it back below and let us know what you thought of the event.



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