GTA V PS4, Xbox One PC new hope

By Alan Ng - Apr 10, 2014

We finally have a status update on the highly anticipated GTA V PS4 and Xbox One update to bring you now. Rockstar’s focus is still very much on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of GTA V, but we’ve seen this week that there is still strong rumors suggesting that GTA V is heading to next-gen and PC this Summer.

As most of you are well aware, this saga has been dragging on for many months, with most gamers fully under the impression that Rockstar will soon give in and release a PS4 and Xbox One version of GTA V.

We know that GTA V PC is coming, but still we have not had any hints of an official GTA V PC release date. There had been many whispers suggesting that Rockstar are holding up the PC version due to developing the Xbox One and PS4 version at the same time.

Now this theory is starting to look like a certainty. A German retail manager has come forward and revealed that GTA V PS4, Xbox One and PC will release sometime in June.

It’s obviously not the first time that we have seen early GTA V information from retailers, but the timing of this Tweet and the fact that it is coming from a retail manager may suggest that there is some strength behind the claims.

We have a feeling that more information will be coming soon and it does seem like a good time to announce that GTA V PC, Xbox One and PS4 versions are on the way.

What are your thoughts on this latest update – do you think Rockstar will give the news everyone wants to hear soon?

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  • Shame Darwin

    They won’t make it for next gen or pc until the game is no longer being played by current gen users. It would be a huge marketing mistake to release on PC because people will acquire the game for free and will hack the game to pieces when there are still Easter eggs and future things to be discovered in gta online. It will lower the value of the game to console users like it did with gta 4. As soon as gta 4 was on pc, users modded it to pieces and used it to make retarded machima. I would hate it if they did that gta v. Machima is retarted. I can’t believe people waste their time with that. Red vs Blue was retarded too. Total waste of time. I can’t believe retards bought into that garbage.

  • Looks more like last hope.

  • geekoftheweek

    There are several reasons why it would be a good move(at this point in time)for them to release the game on the PC. One, the install base. More people in this world have PC’S, than any other system. Two, the game has sold millions upon millions of copies, thus lowering the chance that the game will be pirated(although, this will most likely happen anyway, with almost any game). Three, the modding community. A PC port would allow us to mod the game, and alter it to add a lot of fun, and even more replay value to it. Also, up to this point, every single Grand Theft Auto game that has been released(excluding the psp games)has been released for PC.

    • AhoyThereGTAV

      Nah, by releasing a free version (PC) at the same time or before the Xbone and PS4 versions, they will reduce overall sales. As you point, everyone has a PC. So, why would you pay a chunk of money for the Xbone/PS4 version when you torrent the PC version.
      The best strategy wopuld be to give the PS4/Xbone a release date of at least 3 months prior to PC release. But the key is to not confirm the PC release. Because if people know they can have it for free in 3 months, they will not buy the Xbone/PS4 version. So I reckon they should release the consoles first, then about 3 months later announce the PC release it a week later.
      I do feel sorry for those individual PC games that actually pay for games, but the PC community as a whole have a much higher incidence of piracy and smart companies like Rockstar manage this fact as best they can. A good example of how not to handle it is Ubisoft. Games like FarCry 3 that release PC at the same time reduce their overall sales because of piracy, not because their games are not awesome. A good xample will be Watch Dogs. It seems to be a better game than GTAV from what I’ve seen. But they are releasing PC same day. Let’s wait and see the figures. My guess is that it will not get anywhere near GTAV in sales as many will just torrent it on PC.
      Unless the main atrraction of a game is online multiplayer (CoD, Battlefield etc) then it will ALWAYS be smarter to release the console versions first due to the ease of piracy on PC.

      • Nic Bova

        I will say, that I pirate games. However, no matter what the price is, I would purchase GTA V, as it is one of those games that actually DESERVES the money. In fact, I have pirated FTL: Faster Than Light, but I plan on purchasing it when I can, Friday. I would do the same with GTA V, as it is worth it. Besides, there is GTA Online, which is something I’d LOVE as I have many irl friends on steam.

    • Hi Be

      Everyone has a PC,but not everyone can run it…

  • JohnnyP

    It don’t matter if it comes on the Xbox one or ps4 the PC Version will be better

    • mrkushman ha

      But are the consoles better than pc?

      • Bounty

        Subjective…. some people favour PC, some people favour console…. however, PC versions can be “modded” to suit your gaming style. Personally, I already own it on 360 and WILL be buying it for PC, that way I can take it wherever I go.

        • Josh101

          Can PC games that are modded, like GTA IV with IceEnhancer mod’s, play online with those mod’s on?

        • jack

          Icenhancer does not change the core game so yes. However, other mods require mod specific lobbies.

        • Josh101

          Ahhh ok, I understand it now. I was wondering if that would make a difference.

        • SodMods

          I see mods as a negative rather than a positive, personally. Would you like to watch a “modded” episode of Game of Thrones, where say they have lasers? Or would you prefer the original version as imagined by the creators?
          But, of course that’s a matter of preference. Some may want to play Skyrim with an AK47 and unlimited ammo…I prefer what the devs/writers create.

        • moddymodmod

          It’s not about destroying the original concept of the game. It’s about adding replay value to a product. Mods can be insanely fun. sure, some are inane and useless, but we’re talking about GTA here. You can have countless vehicles. play with physics. add skins, swords, maybe even add some graphical tweaks like they did with GTA 4. Skyrim had some lame mods but you can get a lot out of some of them… all new maps and stories etc. jumping into mods before you finish the game is a no no, at least for me it is but when you drop 60 bucks on a game you might as well milk it for all it’s worth.