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Sony A7S camera analysis

If you are a consumer with an enthusiastic need for the latest tech, you may have been contemplating the purchase of a new 4K camera in 2014. 4K technology is on everyone’s minds at the moment and Sony has just surprised everyone by unleashing the Sony A7S camera.

For those that have already heard about the Sony A7S and want to hear more, we have picked out a great Sony A7S review from respected photographer Tony Northrup for you to check out.

One of the big talking points about Sony’s latest camera is that it only features a 12.2 megapixel sensor. However, the standout Sony A7S feature that we can see is that it has the ability to capture 4K video in almost complete darkness.

Is this your next camera purchase?
Is this your next camera purchase?

This is thanks to an Sony A7S ISO of 409,600, which makes it one of the best cameras around in terms of sensitivity and now right up there with the impressive Nikon D4S.

There are some points to take into account though. While this is Sony’s first 4K video camera, we have also heard that 4K video can only be stored with an external recorder, as the A7S will internally store 1080p video only.

Expect much more details about the A7S soon, but for now we want to check out the video analysis from Tony Northup. Watch it below and then tell us if you are willing to pay the price for Sony’s first 4K video camera.



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