GTA V Coveted removed, still accessible

By Alan Ng - Apr 9, 2014

We have some information for those of you who have been playing GTA V after the recent 1.12 update. It’s come to our attention that the update has removed several popular missions, one being the Coveted mission.

This mission had previously been used to make some easy money in the game, more importantly it was a legitimate way of making money that didn’t require any GTA V ‘glitches’.

Unfortunately, it looks like this new GTA V update has specifically removed the Coveted mission and also a few others as well – Potshot appears to have gone as well.

While initially we thought that this could have been an intended move by Rockstar to enforce GTA V cash cards, it looks like it may have been a mistake on the developers side. Potshot and Coveted may well return in a future update, but we’ll try to clear this up for you shortly.

Meanwhile, it looks like some gamers have already found a way to still access Coveted despite it being removed from general play. Watch the video below and you’ll see that some players are still able to make 18,000 from playing the mission on GTA V 1.12.

How is your gameplay experience on GTA V so far after playing GTA V 1.12? Let us know if you have spotted anything else that is different compared to the last version.

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  • Greg

    I agree with Fred, Rockstar seems to be screwing up a lot lately

  • It seems as if R* just can’t get anything right these days. Maybe if they worried less about trying to force us into buying shark cards and more on making the game better, they wouldn’t run into these problems.

    • CagedGSR

      Seems as though you have absolutely no idea what it takes to develop a game. Glitches happen. If they spent the time it would take to find all the glitches then people would complain because they wouldn’t have new content. Be happy you even have a game of this magnitude to play.

    • I Watch You

      Exactly. If Rockstar spent their time actually making new content instead of trying to find every little “glitch” or “exploit” more people would still be interested.