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Boom Beach tease for Android users

We already explained how Android users are unhappy that those with an iOS device are able to download and enjoy playing Boom Beach, while they have to sit back. It is for this very reason why we feel a recent app release on the Google Play Store is a bit of a tease for Android users hoping to get their hands on Boom Beach.

The app in question is the Boom Beach Newbie Guide and is said to help you prepare for when the app finally gets its Android release date – whenever that may be. The developer has said that they are already working on the Android version, but currently has no set date.

Seeing such an app on Google Play is a kick in the teeth for those of you who are still waiting for Boom Beach to come to Android, and we know there are a lot of you.

Some of the features of this careless app are the latest news regarding Boom Beach, a newbie guide, level tutorials, helpful videos, combat tips and other tips to help expand troops and resources.

We wonder how many of you will say that this app sucks because it isn’t even the real game, and so just teases Android owners even more?

And as for those of you who say that Boom Beach is very similar to Clash of Clans, and as such will be just as big or bigger, many of our readers seem to disagree. They find it hard to believe that Boom Beach well ever be as huge and as popular as Clash of Clans.



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