AT&T still down says outage map

By Peter Chubb - Apr 9, 2014

Many of our readers have been in contact to say that their AT&T U-verse service is down in several areas in the US, and as such had to make other arrangements in order to go on the Internet to check their AT&T outage status, which is affecting their cable, phone and Internet services.

This has been an ongoing issue since Monday, and having run a search on, we can still see that as of Wednesday, AT&T is still having issues, which you can see on the AT&T outage map, although if you head over to the link above, you will be able to zoom down to your area.

As you can see on the map the outage seems to be contained to certain states, and as of yet has not affected a huge portion of the United States.

AT&T still down

Some of the places affected by the AT&T outage are New York, LA, Detroit, Chicago and many more. We ask that you keep an eye on the map; although you would be better off contacting AT&T to see how long your AT&T service will be down.

Update: We have tried to look on the AT&T website to see if they offer any sort of update on the current issue, and so far we have been unable to find anything. What we also find strange is the fact that the AT&T Twitter account makes no mention of the ongoing problem either.

Have you been experiencing any issues with out AT&T services?

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