ASUS Cube review in 10 minutes

Earlier this week we spoke about the popular Asus Cube, a media device that includes built in support for Google TV. Those looking for an alternative to Apple TV with Android may want to quickly consider the Asus Cube while the price remains at an all time low.

The Asus Cube with Google TV is arguably the best device around if you are looking for a quick Google TV fix with minimum setup hassle. We told you that the Cube was selling for $50 via a special offer with GroupOn a few days ago, and there’s still time left if you want to get one for a cut price.

Those who are still on the fence are probably looking for a second opinion and we have picked out a video which we think will help. Below is a Asus Cube review in just under 10 minutes, offering reasons which will help you to decide whether or not the Cube is right for you.


One of the standout features of the Cube is easily Voice Search, allowing you seamless navigation when using apps such as YouTube, Amazon Instant Video and Netflix. You can also use the Asus Cube as a full web browser, as it comes with support for Google Chrome – voice search works within the browser too.

At $50, this appears to be a no brainer deal. Watch the review below though for the final conclusion and let us know what you think.

For those that already have one, would you recommend the Asus Cube to other consumers or not?



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