Tumblr Pro hats need to stay

We have seen some good April Fools 2014 pranks so far, but one of the best ones that we’ve seen surely has to be about Tumblr Pro. Many Tumblr addicts will admit to being fooled by the prank, while there has also been calls on Tumblr to return the Tumblr Pro ‘hats’ that were recently taken away from all users.

Tumblr users probably thought that they wouldn’t be victim of a April Fools Prank, but Tumblr had other ideas. A upgrade program called ‘Tumblr Pro’ was launched on April 1, allowing all users to upgrade their accounts for free.

As you can imagine, many users simply couldn’t resist pressing the upgrade button. The reward for doing so wasn’t much though, with Tumblr granting all users with a simple gift – a top hat that was placed alongside their profile avatar.

While it may just be a simple cosmetic change, tell that to the millions of Tumblr users who instantly formed a close bond with their hats.

Even if Tumblr Pro wasn’t real, fans are desperate to see Tumblr bring the hats back as a permanent feature. Who knows, they may be making an appearance for next year’s April Fools prank.

Let us know if you were duped by Tumblr like so many others. Do you agree that it would be nice to bring back the hats?



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